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Why it’s important to do a blood test before Ramadan

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Blood Tests

Annual blood testing is the most important step adults can take to prevent life-threatening disease. Unless we know what your blood looks like under a microscope, there is no way for us to identify what steps you should take to protect your health and enhance your well-being. With blood test results in hand, you can catch critical changes in your body before it manifests as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or worse. Having the proper blood tests can empower you to act on a prevention program that could add decades of healthy life.

Blood Tests

Blood tests have benefits that go far beyond disease prevention. For example, by monitoring levels of hormones, you can take decisive steps to enhance your quality of life, perhaps by correcting a depressive mental state, abdominal obesity, as well as improving your memory and energy levels.

Ramadan is the perfect month to achieve your fitness goals as your body will adapt to eating less and coupled with the right amount of exercise and by eating healthy you will definitely see a big change in your body. By doing a blood test you will be able to assess if there are any problems. Armed with the results of these tests, you can work together with your physicians, nutritionists and our trainers to avert serious health problems and achieve optimal health.

Recommended Blood Packages:

Wellness Profile – Designed to give you a snapshot of your health and detect problems at an early stage

Weight Management Profile – Screening test to identify specific hormone imbalances associated with excess Weight Gain and Obesity, Vitamin D Deficiency, Hypothyroidism and Diabetes

Metabolic Screening Profile – Basal screening test to pick on health issues that require immediate attention

Genetic Health Test (DNA Health) – Tests susceptibility to chronic diseases including osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, amongst others.

Genetic Diet Test (DNA Diet) – Tests responsiveness to diet and lifestyle modification based on your genetics

Food Intolerance Test – What foods could be stopping you from achieving good health? Tests for Intolerance against 222 Foods

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