TUFF facts that most members would not know

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The fact that we can share this with the members and encourage others to understand our exclusive Middle East signature product more means we potentially give them the awareness and knowledge as an active member or member wanting to know more about TUFF itself.

The true essence behind TUFF

At a glance it’s a physically TUFF class, excuse the pun! However the real reason why this class has become such a psychological class, a workout where you simply need to switch up another gear, dig deep and find the courage even before the class starts will tell you why members feel this is the most challenging class out of them all. The true essence behind TUFF is our bodies become the machines, we do all the physical effort which requires squatting, bending, pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging and locomotive movement patterns known as the 7 primal movements. These are movements that we use in day to day life and everyone who is able and injury free should be able to execute them. In addition the EFFORT factor is timed, short intervals and even shorter recovery periods and then a cross mix of weight training using barbells and integrated body movements that are predominately functional.

TUFF facts that most members would not know

Progression vs Regression

The name FUNCTIONAL training and HIIT (High intensity training) have been the big buzz words on the market for some time now and TUFF has been creating that same good feel factor for the past 4 years. Due to the short intervals spurts and the combination of using compound weight training movements, TUFF needed to accommodate more regression vs progression options if the product was going to accommodate all members. As a TUFF coach you are taught to engage and interact with members when it comes to workload and technique safety, we do this by setting the movement on stage first, before we assist on the floor and rove the studio helping coach technique safety. At this stage there is only 1 other class that offers the following formula of progression and regression, which is Yoga.

Time based MUSIC

TUFF is a time based workout using a variety of music tempo speeds to enhance the workout. At one stage TUFF was based upon how many reps can you complete in a 45 sec time frame, that meant going faster than the music or simply being able to try and stay on the beat for as long as you can. This meant we could try to encourage more of the non-musical member who found it hard to get on the beat and it made sense to offer this as an option. The earlier music editions of TUFF releases was relatively quite fast so fast forward 4 years and TUFF now employees one of Dubai’s top residential DJs. TUFF has acquired a policy backdate with music, this means that music played in TUFF must be no less than 3 years old on the market from when it was first played or released to the public. It means the music stays fresh but more importantly the consumers stay in touch with music and beats you would commonly hear on the radio or at dance clubs.

Nathan Brown
Master Trainer

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