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Tips for a Healthy Heart

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Here are tips for a healthy heart and how exercise can positively impact this:

  1. Exercise gets the blood pumping around the body which improves heart and lung capacity
  2. The heart is the strongest muscle you have, continuously pumping bloody around the body
  3. Weight training will help strengthen your heart. Your heart is a muscle and by weight training, your bones, joints and muscle mass will improve and get stronger.
  4. Interval training is a form of Cardiovascular training. By increasing the speed, you increase the rate which the heart pumps blood around the body, making it a more effective pump.
  5. Elevating your heart rate through exercise, will help you burn calories and become fitter.
  6. Regular exercise will lower your resting heart rate, so there is less stress on your heart to pump the blood and oxygen around your body
  7. MyZone is a great tool to help you measure your heart rate whilst exercising
  8. Understand your individual heart rate to know how much you can push yourself and #GOFUTHERstrength-weights-training
  9. Balanced nutrition will keep your arteries and veins clear, so the blood can flow easily around the body4 Dietary Ways To Balance Hormones Naturally nutrition-veggies
  10. Exercising regularly and high and low intensity will lower the risk of heart disease
  11. Physical activity and eating the right foods are the two main ways you can keep your heart healthy and live for longer
  12. Get a MyZone belt to monitor your heart rate when you exercise
  13. Stroke volume is the amount of blood pumped per beat, Cardiac output is the amount pumped per minute…this is improved by exercisemyzone-innovation


There are quite a few there, choose the ones you would like.


  1. Exercise regularly, to reduce your resting heart rate, meaning less stress on the heart
  2. Workout at different levels of intensity to change the blood flow around the body
  3. Be mindful of the foods you eat. Back foods can block arteries and reduce blood flow


  1. Avoid pushing yourself too hard during exercise…know your limits
  2. Try not to do the same exercises all the time, the body needs variation
  3. Don’t exercise without knowing your maximum heart rate


Nicky Holland
Fitness Manager, Fitness First Middle East

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