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Fittest Female Trainer Unleashes her inner Wolf
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Fittest Female Trainer Unleashes her inner Wolf

posted by FitnessFirst Team October 16, 2016 0 comments

She is the WOLF leading the pack, she reflects positively on the group with her energy, power and strength with no compromise whereby the group benefits, moreover she gains just as much from the group as the group benefits from her: the group as a whole makes her stronger!

This is what happens with Fiona MacDonald, the she-wolf, in her group exercise classes. She leads with her energy and will, motivating the class to work harder and with them she becomes stronger and the class benefits as a whole! There is no stopping, no giving in, the whole group works together to reach their goals just like the wolf pack.

quotes-unleashFitness First Fiona MacDonald is one of our highly energetic group exercise instructors who conducts numerous high intensity group exercise classes like Cycling, Circuit Training and our well renowned signature program, TUFF which is the toughest and most challenging class of them all.

TUFF facts that most members would not know

Fiona MacDonlad was crowned the “Fittest Female Trainer in the UAE” last month, competing against 100 top fitness professionals showing immense endurance, strength and stamina and surviving till the end!

This brings up the question, where did Fiona get all her strength and will power to endure such grueling exercises and not stop or give in?

How did Fiona “Unleash” herself and win the fittest female trainer?

We believe the answer lies in group exercise and team based training which give her the strength and power to keep going till the end and not give up! The power of being part of a group makes her stronger and hence come the benefits attending group exercise classes on a regular basis and team/buddy based workouts.

Working Out in a Group Is More Fun

According to Fiona she enjoys her TUFF classes and goes on to say, “the challenge itself was not easy but it was the kind of thing I enjoy, if enjoy is the right word. I do a lot of functional training and also enjoy attending TUFF classes which involves a mixture of 3 dimensional body weight and bar bell moves.

She also gets her endurance and determination to keep going from her participation in triathlons and from her background in long distance running.

She goes on to say, “I also enjoy participating in triathlons. The training for this is quite time consuming so when I’m not participating in or teaching TUFF you can usually find me in one of the pools, out on my bike or running the roads. Even in the Dubai heat.”

“My background is in long distance running which I think came to my advantage in this challenge as the final determination round was about not stopping and not giving in.”

It is our mission at Fitness First through our fitness experts and group exercise to provide sound training and mindset advice to motivate and enable YOU to Unleash Yourself too!


UNLEASH YOURSELF encourages you to take a walk on the wild side and reveal the animal in you when you are working out! No matter what your level of fitness or what your preferred training style is, we want you to #UnleashYourself to become the best version of YOU to reach your full potential in fitness, and in life!

Click here to download a FREE Group Exercise Training Plan, join our group exercise classes or train with a buddy and Unleash the WOLF in YOU!


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Boost your training with a breath of fresh air and sunshine

posted by FitnessFirst Team May 10, 2016 0 comments

‘Gym’s’ in the traditional sense are an excellent place to get in shape and improve your general fitness, however if like me, you enjoy the chance of being able to train outdoors in the fresh air whilst catching a few rays of sunshine then Fitness First has the training environment for you.

As of the 1st of May, Fitness First Middle East have launched our first Outdoor Training concept at Fitness First Dubai Media City.

Outdoor Group Training main image

This innovative concept incorporates the latest in outdoor group training equipment utilizing a bespoke outdoor training rig from Beaverfit alongside cutting edge freestyle training equipment from Vivo Group.  As you can see from the images below, you can enjoy a multitude of training modalities including boxing, calisthenics, Olympic lifting, sprint training, XFit and Freestyle training.

Not only have we created a beautiful environment for you to train in, we have also produced two bespoke training programmes for you to enjoy; Outdoor Group Training ‘HIIT’ & ‘TEAM’ classes (OGT for short).

OGT: HIIT is a 30 minute high-intensity-interval-training group class which will incorporate all of the elements of the outdoor training rig and equipment through a structured format that will improve your general fitness and body composition.

OGT: TEAM is a 30 minute class that combines high-intensity-interval-training alongside team based exercise where you will work together through fun yet challenging drills and movements.

All in all outdoor training is fresh, fun and full of new challenges which we hope you will enjoy, however please take into consideration when training outside that you hydrate yourself sufficiently, wear sun protection and also be conscious of temperature, humidity and sufficient rests throughout your exercise.

Here is a video of one of our challenging night sessions!


Outdoor Group Training Team_1

We hope you enjoy our new outdoor training concept!

Yours in training

Steven Gillespie

Steven Gillespie
Regional Fitness Manager UAE Mixed
Fitness First Middle East

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Working Out in a Group Is More Fun

posted by FitnessFirst Team October 15, 2014 1 Comment

If you have a goal to become physically fit, you are already on a good path. Adopting a healthy life style and being fit are the best ways to keep you away from obesity and heart diseases. The truth is, a healthy body is able to fight off infections much better and more naturally than a body that isn’t physically fit. Working out is one of the best ways to be healthy and the great news is that it is a lot more fun to work out in a group exercise setting than to go it alone. Here’s how!

For one, the group will help you to have accountability.

Working out in group exercise class is easy if you join a program such as XFIT, TUFF, Zumba, BodyPump, RPM, the list is endless. With XFIT, you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who have one goal in mind, to become physically fit. XFIT uses innovative high intensity physical fitness training. They use a combination of exercises through gymnastics conditional development and Olympic weight lifting. When working within a group such as this, you can benefit from the accountability you will have with the other members. They won’t let you quit or miss a class; it’s a great way to stay committed and motivated.

TUFF stands for ‘The Ultimate Fitness Firster’. This type of class is great for working out in a group exercise environment. If a person has a goal in mind to lose weight and become physically fit, TUFF is a great way to do it. The classes are done in short bursts of several minutes of intensive physical training with short rest periods in between, know as HIIT (High Intesnity Interval Training)By doing this in a group setting, it is easier to keep up with the sets as and to work with the specified weights; the group environment keeps you working hard to your maximum effort. Get ready, as the classesare challenging but will leave you feeling energised and pumped!

Swing Yoga is also a great option for a group exercise class. This type of exercise is so different from your normal workout sessions and will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and energised. Swing Yoga is calming and relaxing but also intense enough to build muscles while increasing stamina, boosting metabolism, and helping with balance. When you roll all that into one with the use of specialised swings and expert instructors, you have an intense workout you have Swing Yoga. When you do this within a group, you have an even more enjoyable time. You will look forward to these sessions as you travel the physical activity path with like-minded people who want to have healthier bodies just like you. It’s also a great way to meet new and existing friends in a new social environment, while staying fit and active at the same time. Cancel you post-work calorie filled dinner plans and opt for a group exercise class instead.

As you can see, there are many great ways of working out in a group exercise setting. Meet new friends, join a new community, invite your friends along or spend some quality time with your partner. Commit to your healthy lifestyle in a motivating and fun group exercise environment. Take advantage of having a whole group of people to be your accountability partners as well as your friends. Make being physically fit an attainable goal and most importantly, have fun!