Noor Nasser

I am Noor and I #EmpowerME

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I joined Fitness First in 2014, thinking “who am I kidding?  I will join this gym just like I did with every gym I joined before, attend one month and then leave!”

I am Noor and I #EmpowerME – Fitness First Testimonials

Yes that is what I used to do, join a gym, leave it and look for something else.

I was overweight, frustrated and demotivated believing that this is how I am and will be for the rest of my life. But then I tried a class, had to pull up a lot of courage to force myself into the studio. I saw how beautiful and graceful the instructor was and told myself “I want to be as graceful as she is” and that was what inspired me. In fact, I was inspired by the Club General Manager herself, Ana, managing the gym, interacting with the members and attending to their needs as well as being the Group Exercise Instructor at the same time! That’s power and strength of personality!

Fitness First changed my beliefs about myself, I fell in love with fitness so much it became a lifestyle for me and I wanted to become a Group Exercise Instructor myself so I can inspire others and push my limits and become powerful.

Believe in yourself, unleash the power within and become an inspiration!

Noor Nasser
Fitness First Member and Zumba Instructor

Noor Nasser


Noor Nasser

أنا نور ومعاً #نقوى_سوى

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“انضميت إلى فيتنس فيرست فسنة ٢٠١٤ وكانت تدور في بالي هالافكار “انتي تضحكين على من؟ بتشتركين بالنادي وبتتركينه بعد شهر كالعادة

فعلا كانت هذه عادتي، اشترك ولا التزم وابحث عن نادي آخر

كنت اعاني من الوزن الزائد، محبطة وليس لدي دافع او حافز وقد استسلمت لفكرة “هذه انا وسأبقى هكذا لبقية حياتي”. ولكن قررت تجربة احدى الحصص الرياضية، وقد تطلب مني شجاعة لإجبار نفسي على دخول الاستوديو. وعندما رأيت كم كانت المدربة جميلة ورشيقة وكانت هذه بداية الالهام. بالفعل لقد الهمتني مديرة النادي حيث كانت تدير النادي، تهتم وتستمع للأعضاء بالإضافة لتدريب حصص جماعية، ذلك معنى ان تكون لديك قدرة وشخصية قوية

فيتنس فيرست غير فكرتي حول نفسي، احببت الرياضة كثيرا واصبحت اسلوب حياة بالنسبة لي وكان يجب ان اصبح مدربة بنفسي حتى الهم غيري واتحدى قدراتي واصبح اقوى

!آمن بنفسك، أطلق العنان لنفسك، واصبح مصدر الهام للغير

نور ناصر
عضوة ومدربة زومبا


Noor Nasser


Who are Triathlons for? Is it for me?

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Triathlon is an endurance sport in which the athlete carries out swimming, cycling and running, in that order, and with the clock running during transitions between swim/bike and bike/run. It is an event won by completing the course with the fastest time. It is a great fun and accessible sport for all. It does attract social friendly types of people and fits in different lifestyles.

Why do triathlons?

You don’t need to be a hardcore super fit athlete to take part in triathlons. Many people use triathlon as a goal or a way to get motivated to do cardio, lose weight and also for its social factor to meet other like-minded individuals. Triathlon offers a great variety for training so you are not always doing the same thing and you’ll never get bored, it also offers event finishers a great sense of accomplishment and presents endless challenges! You can always work to go further and get faster.

Who can do a triathlon?

Are you in search of fitness, motivation, a challenge and/or the social benefits of a sport? Then triathlon is for you and you can absolutely train for and participate in triathlons.

Can I really finish a triathlon?

As long as you pick a triathlon that’s suited realistically to your abilities, you put in the training, surround yourself with like-minded individuals and you want it bad enough, then you will finish it. The fact that you’re reading this means you’re interested in endurance and fitness and the chances are very high that you could finish a triathlon.

Do I need to be strong in any of the three disciplines?

You don’t really need to be a strong swimmer, cyclist or runner. Starting to practice all three disciplines will make it possible for you to do triathlon no matter what level you start at and no matter what weaknesses you have. The swim, bike or run can be a challenge for some, but encountering challenges and overcoming them is what triathlon is all about. You may not be the best swimmer, cyclist or runner, but when you finish your weakest discipline, the game is still ON!

Talal Almoallem
Certified Ironman Coach
ASCA Level 3 Swim Coach


Top Tips for Starting Your Tri-Training

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Hopefully by now, you have fully committed to your decision to train for a triathlon and you’ve stopped thinking about if you should or not?

Don’t worry, we have all been there!

It can seem daunting and overwhelming when taking on such a challenge… However, the good news is I am here to tell you how easy it can be… yes you heard me right… it can be easy. Now I’m not saying it won’t take some hard work physically and mentally, but we can help you to make the journey as seamless as possible.

Check out some top tips on how to get started with your training.

Don’t over think what equipment you need

There are hundreds of articles and people out there who will tell you about lots of different types of gadgets, bikes, swimsuits and running shoes you will need but my advice is KEEP IT SIMPLE! If you want to explore your options then please do but you do not NEED anything fancy or expensive.

I completed my first sprint triathlon wearing a swimming costume, goggles and mandatory swim hat. For the cycle, I used a standard road bike which cost AED 1500 and a pair of trainers which I then used for the run leg of the race. In fact, even when I did the 70.3 distance the only extra item I invested in was a pair of cycling shoes!

Start Training…

Quit thinking and start moving.  Don’t worry about how much distance you can cover at the beginning. Start working on running, cycling and swimming either indoors or outdoors. The distance will soon start to clock up as your fitness levels increase.

Plan your weekly training schedule

Schedule your sessions around your work, family and social commitments. Consistent training is the key to getting the result you want. This also includes REST! Download a training plan to see what sessions you could attend or to get more guidance on the type of training you should do.

Share your goals!

Tell your family, friends and colleagues what you are training for. This will keep you accountable and will inspire others! Join a group of like minded people who share the same goal and you are guaranteed to stay motivated throughout your training.

Get a Coach

A coach will keep you on track, help you with technique, tips and accountability. You can find a coach within group sessions or 1:1 sessions for a real personalized approach. If you want to get the best from yourself this is definitely the way to go!

Charlotte Stebbing
National Fitness
Programming Manager

Jon Norris


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My first half iron distance triathlon was my second triathlon ever. I had only ever attempted a sprint in the French mountains a few months before.  A friend teased that I should come and do a real triathlon in Dubai, she was a veteran at 70.3 distances and has a strong understanding of the sport and required endurance. Me…..I was naive and keen to impress.

Jon Norris

“What the hell am I doing” was my only thought as I looked around and saw no one and nothing but sand. My wheels were spinning at 16kmh or at least that’s what Garmin said even though my heart was pounding and legs were screaming. The wind was blowing a gale, I felt like I was back on the piste in a blizzard only now sand for snow. Above, the sun glared down with a strength unknown to any man. I seriously contemplated manufacturing a puncture, wishing an injury upon myself or even better being swallowed up by the nearest sand dune and waking up to realise it had all been a bad dream. Alas……I still had over 40km to go.

I finally finished the worst conditions race possible with a time of just sub 7 hrs. More importantly than leaving with just a medal I left with an urge to continue in this great sport and improve myself both mentally and physically for the next race.

Triathlon is an interesting sport

Triathlon is an interesting sport, a discipline that calls to a select few and becomes a way of life. No matter how you found the sport once there you are addicted. Endless hours in the pool, months running wherever you can find the time and moments on the bike that feel like you have been sitting there for days; not to mention all this whilst juggling your family, work, friends, kids school, piano or ballet classes. Food? That becomes a whole new way of life and understanding. If you are not a qualified nutritionist before entering triathlon you soon will be.

John Norris

After a year of continually spinning my wheels, running around the same courses and swimming the same lengths in the same pool with no gains I finally understood the benefits of smart training. Luckily I was swept up into the Fitness First Dubai Ironman effort and enrolled in the Masters Swim classes. I have always considered myself a competent swimmer although it would take a little persuasion to enter the pool however working directly with a qualified coach, Talal Almoallem (@talal_almoallem) and training on regular days within a group has improved my technique and efficiency in the water that I am now happy to say has shaved almost 10 minutes off my 1.9km swim time. Completing the Dubai Ironman 70.3 in 2017 was a huge goal for me and I owe my PB time to training with Talal and the team at Fitness First.

John Norris

Being taught the benefits of swimming sets and the strategy behind them has made me re-evaluate my other disciplines in the sport. With continual support and advice from the Fitness First team I am confident to say that my swimming and biking have both taken large improved steps towards further successes. Alongside the varied classes on offer and the one to one gym instruction my core and overall fitness has jumped enormously which is beginning to be seen in my day to day running programs. With continued guidance from the experts in their fields and the best equipment available in the UAE I have really found new purpose in my gym visits.

Whatever the reasons to get fit there is added benefit throughout your life from living a healthier lifestyle. My journey has just begun and already I am so thankful to the Masters Swim class for helping me get both my feet on the ground to a more productive training schedule where I can see actual results. I have more energy in my day, my days are longer, I am more focused and I now actually look forward to getting in the pool or on the bike. I still struggle some days with the thought of having to do a 10km run, particularly in the summer heat here but what can I say…..my gyms aircon is almost as cool as the staff!

Jon Norris

Jon Norris


I am Martin and I #EmpowerME

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I used to be in generally fit shape when I was younger in my school days when I used to play for our rugby team and regularly visit the gym. I wasn’t much disciplined in the gym but I put the hours in. In university, I tore my inner-meniscus tendon in my right knee and things spiraled from there. Due to a slow recovery in an unhealthy environment (student life in Manchester is a big party), I quickly piled on 10 kilos over the next 6 months. Most of my friends and family were shocked and couldn’t believe I had gotten so big so fast. For me I didn’t really feel like I was putting on too much weight it was a gradual realization and when I had it was depressing and I mostly gave up on getting back into shape.

I am Martin and I #EmpowerME – Fitness First Testimonial

Before diet and working out

Over the next few years of jogging on and off and yo-yo diets, I had steadily peaked at about 110 kg. It was early in 2015 when I was suffering from chest pain when I knew something was very wrong. The doctor confirmed I had been suffering from hyper tension and high blood pressure and I either changed my lifestyle immediately or started heart medication.

Old picture from our wedding day

I had married at this point and my wife really encouraged me and supported me in sorting out a proper diet and I started going to the gym every morning before work. Progress at first was slow but when I joined Fitness First and started training, I started losing weight pretty quickly after that and my body really started changing. I started sleeping better and breathing more easily and I monitored my body fat and muscle content. The fat was going down and muscle up. I had lost about 10 kg in the first year and the morning gym routines had changed from being health motivated to a full blown habit which I still abide by.

After diet and working out

I still have a long way to go another 8 kg to be at my goal weight but my blood pressure is back to normal and I have a baby girl now who I have plenty of energy to run around and play with. I sleep like a baby and I need to start my day at my local gym- Fitness First Mirdif City Centre. I recommend visiting the gym in the morning since you start the day with a positive note so no matter what happens you have done something positive for yourself and that sense of well being translates into every aspect of your life. I hope others don’t wait for a medical reason to take that positive step to a healthier lifestyle, once you catch the fitness bug there’s no going back!

At a recent friend’s wedding

Martin Yarsley
Fitness First Member

I am Isabel and I #empowerme

I am Isabel and I #EmpowerME

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Choose your future, work hard on yourself – with passion and consistent action everything is possible!

I am Isabel and I#EmpowerME

My profession: I’m a Personal Trainer.  In 2015 I decided to change my life and become a Personal Trainer.

I have always been into fitness since I was a child. My background is in Shaolin Kung Fu and long distance running.

Here is where I come from. I love to challenge myself and others. It’s important to break boundaries and to go out of your comfort zone!

I am Isabel and I #EmpowerME

Last year I started with Triathlon training to get ready for the Ironman 70.3 in Dubai. It was a life changing experience and you should also join the movement!

I am Isabel and I #EmpowerME – Fitness First Testimonial

One of my long term goals is to qualify for the Ironman in Kailua-Kona in Hawaii, which is the hardest triathlons in the world.

What empowers me is to see my clients and members changing and achieving their fitness goals.

I always believe in hard work. It’s never easy and there is no short cut! Be true, passionate and consistent.

Then everything is possible!

Isabel Schuessler
Personal Trainer
Fitness First Middle East


Farid #EmpowerME

أنا فريد ومعاً #نقوى_سوا

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فأنا مثال الأب الذي مثَّل ابنه مصدر إلهام له حتى تحول الأمر لأكون الآن مصدر إلهام للأبن

من الناحية المهنية، أعمل مدير عقارات ومنسق أغاني في سباق “سبارتن”، ولكن الدور الأكثر محورية الذي ألعبه هو دور الأب. فبصفتي أباً لابن صغير، أكره أن أكون الشخص الذي يخبره بأنني “متعب للغاية” لدرجة أنني لا أستطيع اللعب معه. تواصل معي نادي فيتنس فيرست لاحقاً لأنضم إليه وأمثل حركة “كاوتش تو سبرينت” (من الأريكة إلى العدو السريع). وبعد التدريب لشهر للاستعداد لسباق “سبارتن”، فقدت 16 كجم. ولم أعد الآن أشعر بالتعب الشديد الذي يمنعني من اللعب مع ابني

فأنا مثال الأب الذي مثَّل ابنه مصدر إلهام له حتى تحول الأمر لأكون الآن مصدر إلهام للأبن مع أخذ ذلك بعين الاعتبار، تواصل فريق سباق “سبارتن” مع نادي فيتنس فيرست الشرق الأوسط بشأن هذه الفكرة، وبوصفه محفز للحياة الصحية داخل المجتمع وجزء لا يتجزأ منها، تبنى فيتنس فيرست الفكرة

وأصبحت حركة “كاوتش تو سبرينت” واقعاً

وقد اختاروا مرشحاً، وبدعم من سباق “سبارتن” بنسخته العربية ونادي فيتنس فيرست الشرق الأوسط، حان وقت اختبار الفكرة

“ويتمثل الهدف من الحركة في الانتقال من أريكة غرفة المعيشة إلى سباق “سبارتن

المرشح – ومؤلف المدونة

الوزن: 130 كجم

الطول: 176 سم

التصنيف: بدين

اسمي فريد، وأعمل منسق أغاني لسباق “سبارتن” الشرق الأوسط منذ بدايته

وفقاً للأرقام التي ترونها، فأنا لا أتمتع بصحة جيدة. ولا طالما وجدته أمراً مضحكاً أن الشخص الوحيد الذي لا يبذل أي نوع من النشاط البدني في السباقات هو منسق الأغاني الضخم البدين. ولكن الحقيقة هو أمر محزن. لا تسيء فهمي، لقد أحببت كل لحظة كنت قادراً فيها على تنسيق الأغاني والمساهمة نوعاً ما في نجاح الفعالية. ولكن شعرت في العديد من المرات بأني مستبعد وبأني لم أكن جزءاً من “اللعبة”

فقد كنت أشاهد هؤلاء الأشخاص الرائعين يتوجهون نحو خط البداية وجميعهم يعلو وجوههم التعبير ذاته كما لو كانوا على وشك الدخول في معركة هم على يقين بالفوز بها. وكانوا جميعاً يتحدون شخصاً واحداً، يتحدون أنفسهم، فكان الأمر شخصياً وكان يدور حول هزيمتها

وكانوا جميعاً يبدون سعداء، ولم أشعر قط بذرة خوف أو تردد

ولم يكن هذا حتى الجزء الأفضل، كان عليكم رؤية وجوههم وهم يعبرون خط النهاية! فقد تغلبوا على شيء يكمن في أعماقهم، شيء من الصعب رؤيته، كما لو كانوا قد حطموا كل انعدام الثقة بالنفس الذي كانوا يحملونه بداخلهم

وبوجوه يغطيها الوحل والعرق والدماء والبلل والكدمات والجفاف، مروا باختبار طويل وشاق وشديد. وعلى الرغم من ذلك، لم يبدو أحد منهم وكأنه يمشي، فالكل كان يتحرك بسلاسة

فقد بدأوا بسعادة وانتهوا بجرأة ونشوى وبهجة غامرة، يشعرون بالرضا عن أنفسهم

وهذا ما أبحث عنه بقبول هذا التحدي. وبالطبع الحالة النفسية تلازم الحالة البدنية وذلك ما تدور حوله المدونة، رحلتي البدنية للوصول إلى هذه الحالة النفسية

وأود أن تنضموا إلي في هذه الرحلة

Today I was tired and did not want to go. I just wanted the couch and youtube. I convinced myself to go and take it easy. Walking into @fitnessfirstme Uptown Mirdif I got a wave of energy but was still thinking i'll tell @dinis_fitness_crossfit_coach if we can slow it down a notch today. Boy was I wrong. It was the most grueling session I had with him. He kept pushing my buttons. I froze at one point. My legs stopped functioning and I could hear Dinis in my ear – "TWO MORE!!" At that moment it felt like this is my limit, I can't push no more. But it felt soooo good afterwards. I don't want that to be my limit. It is not my limit, I will push harder!! @spartanarabia – but did you die though? 😂 . . . . . . . #spartanrace #spartanarabia #spartanracehatta #spartanraceproteam #fitnessfirstme #fitnessfirstdubai #fitnessfirstuptownmirdif #legendswillrise #couchtosprint #tunnelvision #pushpushpush #ihatesquats #buckfurpees #mirdif #uptownmirdif

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سيكون هناك الكثير من المنشورات المتعلقة بالصحة واللياقة البدنية، وسيكون هناك أيضاً الكثير من حالات الترحيب والوداع. الترحيب بالتفاح، ووداع البيتزا. سعدت بلقاء السلمون المشوي ووداعاً للبرجر الكبير الطري الذي يقطر جبنا

وبدعم وإرشاد من سباق “سبارتن” وفيتنس فيرست، سأقدم جميع المعلومات والأدوات المفيدة التي قُدمت لي

وسيكون هناك الكثير من الدماء والعرق والدموع على طول الطريق الذي أرغب أيضاً في مشاركتها معكم، ولكنها ستكون مرحة ومسلية

أرغب في أن تنضموا إلينا، فهذا نداء للعمل، وأريد منكم مشاركة أي قصة نجاح تشعرون بوجوب ريها، سواءً في قسم التعليقات أو حتى إذا كان لديكم مدونتكم الخاصة أو أرسلوا مقالاً عن شيء حققتموه مؤخراً وسندرجه في قسم من أقسام المدونة

Being the DJ and training for Spartan Race Arabia, I have decided to put together 30 minute mix. I'll do this on a regular basis, once a week or so. The inspiration for it will come from within the gym. Whether group classes at @fitnessfirstme or a specific workout I tried. Or by watching someone grinding at the gym. Each mix will have different tempos and energy levels based on whatever inspiration I picked up during the week. They will range from high intensity for cardio to reggaeton based for Zumba to deep house for your warm up. I'll throw in a couple of down tempo sounds for yoga and recovery. So here is the first one. Inspired by the dreaded BURPEE!!! @spartanarabia https://www.mixcloud.com/SpartanMusic/ . . . . . . . . #spartanrace #spartanhatta #spartantraining #spartanarabia #spartanbahrain #couchtosprint #fitnessfirstme #fitnessfirstdubai #fitnessfirstuptownmirdif #legendswillrise #workoutmix #spartandj #burpees #buckfurpees #workoutplaylist #couchtosprint #spartanproteam #dubaifitness #dubaifitnesstrainer

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أراكم جميعاً عند خط النهاية

فريد أبو رجيلي
مدير عقارات

Couch To Sprint Blog :المصدر

@couchtosprint تابعوا رحلة فريد على مدونته وعلى

ومعاً #نقوى_سوا



Farid #EmpowerME

I am Farid and I #EmpowerME

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Son inspired the father who now inspires the son! – Fitness First Testimonial

By profession, I am a Property Manager and a DJ at the Spartan Race. But the most pivotal role I play is that of a father. As a father to a young son, I hate being the one to tell him that I am ‘Too Tired’ to play with him. Then Fitness First approached me to join and represent the Couch-to-Sprint movement. After training for one month for the Spartan race, I have already lost 16 Kgs. Now I am never too tired to play with my son.  I am an example of how the Son inspired the father who now inspires the son!

With that in mind, the Spartan Race team approached Fitness First Middle East with the idea. As a catalyst and an integral part of healthy living within the community, Fitness First took it on board.

Couch to Sprint became a reality.

They chose a candidate. And with the support of Spartan Race Arabia and Fitness First Middle East, it was time to put it to the test.

The aim is to move from the living room couch to the Spartan Race Arabia

The Candidate (and the blog author)

Weight: 130 kg

Height: 176 cm

Classified: Obese

My name is Farid, I have been the DJ for Spartan Race Middle East from the outset.

As you can see from my stats, I am unhealthy. I always found it funny that the only person not exerting any sort of physical activity at the races is the big fat DJ. But the truth is, it was depressing. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every moment of being able to DJ and in some way contribute to the success of the event. But many times I’d feel left out. I was not part of the “game”.

I’d watch these amazing people head towards the start line. They all had the exact same expression on their faces. They all looked like they were about to enter into a battle convinced they are going to overcome. They were all challenging one person, themselves. It was personal and it was about to go down!!

And they all looked happy, I never sensed an ounce of fear or hesitation.

But that wasn’t even the best part, you should see their faces crossing the finish line! They have conquered something deep within themselves, it is hard to touch upon. It’s like they have crushed all the self doubt they were carrying.

Mud faced, sweat and blood. Soaked, bruised and dehydrated. They had been through a long, demanding and vigorous test. Yet no one seemed like they were walking, everyone was floating.

They started happy and finished defiant, ecstatic and overjoyedContent with who they are.

That is what I am looking for by taking on this challenge. Of course that mental state comes with the physical and that is what this blog is about. My physical journey to reach that mental state.

I’d love for you to join me on that ride.

Today I was tired and did not want to go. I just wanted the couch and youtube. I convinced myself to go and take it easy. Walking into @fitnessfirstme Uptown Mirdif I got a wave of energy but was still thinking i'll tell @dinis_fitness_crossfit_coach if we can slow it down a notch today. Boy was I wrong. It was the most grueling session I had with him. He kept pushing my buttons. I froze at one point. My legs stopped functioning and I could hear Dinis in my ear – "TWO MORE!!" At that moment it felt like this is my limit, I can't push no more. But it felt soooo good afterwards. I don't want that to be my limit. It is not my limit, I will push harder!! @spartanarabia – but did you die though? 😂 . . . . . . . #spartanrace #spartanarabia #spartanracehatta #spartanraceproteam #fitnessfirstme #fitnessfirstdubai #fitnessfirstuptownmirdif #legendswillrise #couchtosprint #tunnelvision #pushpushpush #ihatesquats #buckfurpees #mirdif #uptownmirdif

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The Blog

There will be a lot of health and fitness inspired posts. There will also be a lot hellos and goodbyes. Hello to apples, goodbye to pizza. Nice to meet you grilled salmon to ciao big juicy cheese dripping burger.

With the support and guidance of Spartan Race and Fitness First. I will offer all the useful information and tools handed out to me.

There will be a lot of blood, sweat and tears along the way which I would also like to share with you. But it will all be fun and entertaining.

I want you to join in, this is a call to action. I want you to share whatever success story you feel needs telling. Whether in the comments section or even if you have your own blog, share this with us. Or send in a write up of something you recently achieved and we can include it in a section of the blog,

Being the DJ and training for Spartan Race Arabia, I have decided to put together 30 minute mix. I'll do this on a regular basis, once a week or so. The inspiration for it will come from within the gym. Whether group classes at @fitnessfirstme or a specific workout I tried. Or by watching someone grinding at the gym. Each mix will have different tempos and energy levels based on whatever inspiration I picked up during the week. They will range from high intensity for cardio to reggaeton based for Zumba to deep house for your warm up. I'll throw in a couple of down tempo sounds for yoga and recovery. So here is the first one. Inspired by the dreaded BURPEE!!! @spartanarabia https://www.mixcloud.com/SpartanMusic/ . . . . . . . . #spartanrace #spartanhatta #spartantraining #spartanarabia #spartanbahrain #couchtosprint #fitnessfirstme #fitnessfirstdubai #fitnessfirstuptownmirdif #legendswillrise #workoutmix #spartandj #burpees #buckfurpees #workoutplaylist #couchtosprint #spartanproteam #dubaifitness #dubaifitnesstrainer

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I’ll see you all at the finish line! 

Farid Abou Rjeily
Property Manager
Source: Couch To Sprint Blog
Follow Farid’s Journey on his blog and @couchtosprint

1 Month! It's time for a before after post. Timeframe: Day 1 ➖Month 1 Weight: 129.4 kg➖117.6 kg Fat Mass: 54.6 kg ➖44.2 kg BMI: 40.8 ➖37.2 So down 12 kg. Everything seems to be going as planned. Numbers look good. I'm very happy about that. Extremely happy!! Still over though, but who's counting anyway? I AM! Lol. Big up to @spartanarabia @fitnessfirstme for all the support. Can't forget the man with the master plan @dinis_fitness_crossfit_coach. Thanks buddy! Still a long way to go but we'll get there. Everyone around me has been extremely supportive. Love and kisses to my backbone @pixi2000 who has given me all the time and space to go ahead with this. I'm talking like i've just crossed the Spartan Race finish line!! 🏁 Enough. Back to work. Oh, if you swipe left, I tried to flex on you 💪🏻. Just practicing. AROO! . . . . . . . . #spartanrace #spartanarabia #spartanhatta #spartantraining #fitnessfirstme #fitnessfirstdubai #fitnessfirstuptownmirdif #empowerme #couchtosprint #legendswillrise #dontquitstayfit #mirdif #dubai #beforeandafter #progress #noquittingnow #longroadahead

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التدريب أو عدم التدريب؟

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ذلك هو السؤال – وما من إجابة صحيحة أو خاطئة! مع اقتراب شهر رمضان المبارك في كل عام، دائمًا ما يثار نقاش حول ما إذا كان من الأفضل صحيًا التدرب خلال هذا الوقت – أو حتى التدرُّب أثناء الصيام. وثمّة شواغل أخرى كالإفراط في تناول الطعام أو الإقلال منه كثيرًا يمكن أن تؤثر أيضًا في قرارك بشأن التدريب

الجواب بسيط: حسب الحالة

يرجع السبب في اختلاف الجواب حسب الحالة لاعتماد الأمر كليًا على طبيعة جسمك. من المهم أن تعرف وتفهم القيود التي يفرضها عليك جسمك وما يمكن لجسمك التعامل معه. فإذا كان التدريب جزءًا منتظمًا من روتينك اليومي أو الأسبوعي، فعندئذٍ لا يمثل التدريب خلال شهر رمضان أي مشكلة – وحينها قد تتمثل القيود في فهم الكثافة المناسبة لتدريباتك. وإذا كان التدريب جديدًا عليك نسبيًا، سيكون من الأفضل الابتعاد عن التدريب خلال هذا الشهر الكريم. مرة أخرى، هذا الأمر يتعلق بفهمك لقدراتك

 متى ينبغي التمرين خلال شهر رمضان؟

ثمّة سؤال آخر كثيرًا ما يُطرَح، وهو متى ينبغي أن تتدرب. ولأن شرب الماء يمثل أحد أهم الأشياء أثناء ممارسة الرياضة، فمن الأفضل التدريب مباشرة بعد تناول وجبة إفطار خفيفة. ومع ذلك، إذا كان البقاء إبقاء جسمك رطبًا بين وجبتي الإفطار والسحور مهمة سهلة، عندئذٍ سيكون التدريب أثناء الصيام مفيدًا لجسمك. اعرف قدراتك

إذا كنت قد قررت التدرُّب، فإليك بعض النقاط لتأخذها بعين الاعتبار عند وضع برنامجك للتدريب

حاول ألا تقسو على جسمك؛ وأبقِ التدريبات لمُدد قصيرة وبكثافة أقل من المُعتاد

إذا كان التدريب جديدًا عليك، حاول ممارسة بعض تمارين الكارديو والحركات الخفيفة لإبقاء جسمك في حالة حركة

احرص على شرب الكثير من الماء بين الإفطار والسحور لتحتفظ بجسمك رطبًا تمامًا

حاول أن تؤجِّل التدريبات عالية الكثافة إلى ما بعد وجبة الإفطار. بهذه الطريقة يمكنك أن تمنح جسمك الغذاء اللازم ليمنحك الطاقة للتدريب

حاول ألا تُكثر من تناول الأطعمة المقلية أو الدهنية بحيث لا تؤثر سلبًا على عملك الشاق وما حققته من لياقة بدنية

إذا بدأت تشعر بالدوار أو الإعياء، أوقف التدريب وقلّل كثافته تذكر أن القيام بأي حركة خير لك من ألا تتحرك على الإطلاق

أيًا كان قرارك – سواء بممارسة التدريب أو عدمه – احرص على أن تفهم جسمك وقدراته. هذا ليس وقت تجرُبة أشياء جديدة، ولكنه وقت الحفاظ على لياقتك. أنت تعرف جسمك أفضل من أي شخص آخر

أندريه فوكس-مارتينز
مدير اللياقة البدنية
فيتنس فيرست بلاتينيوم بلس | تاون سنتر | دبي

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خطط بذكاء واحصل على نتائج في رمضان

posted by FitnessFirst Team June 1, 2017 2 Comments

إن فكرت بوضع خطة لفقد الوزن في رمضان؛ بإنهاك نفسك في تمارين الكارديو الطويلة والتدرُّب أثناء الصيام ومحاولة التفوق على ذاتك يوميًا، فأنت مخطئ ينبغي تصميم المُعادلة المثالية بتوازُن مثالي لتحقيق نتائج رائعة على مستوى الرياضة والعافية واللياقة البدنية. وشهر رمضان هو أفضل وقت لوضع خطة ذكية والحصول على نتائج رائعة. لقد اخترنا ثلاثة نصائح لمساعدتك في رحلتك لتحقيق اللياقة البدنية خلال شهر رمضان 2017

أولًا: التنظيم الذكي لروتين التمرين

أعدّ خُطة جيدة لبرنامج التمارين؛ تحترم تغذيتك الفعلية ومبنية على ما ترغب في تحقيقه. رمضان هو وقت يمكننا تسميته “بموسم التعافي”. تخيل نفسك رياضي من أصحاب الأداء القوي وتلتزم ببرنامج التمارين التزام صفوة اللاعبين المحترفين. لذا يجب عليك ألا تتوقف عن التمارين خلال رمضان ومع ذلك، ننصحك بأن تكون مرات التمارين أقل عددًا وكثافة في هذا الشهر

يحتاج جسدك فعليًا لأوقات للتعافي والراحة، ورمضان هو أفضل وقت يُمكنك فيه التدريب بكثافة أقل دون التخلّي عن النتائج الرائعة

ملاحظة: حزام ماي زوون يلعب دورًا هامًا في إدارة جلسات التمرين ويُساعدك في معرفة حدودك القصوى في التمارين

ثانيًا: رمضان هو الوقت الأمثل للاختلاط ولكن لا تتمادى حتى لا تندم

إنه موسم الطعام التقليدي الشهي، حلو المذاق، الثقيل، المليء بالدهون والسكر المكرر، حيث تكون فيه محاطًا بالعائلة والأصدقاء. قد لا نفقد السيطرة بسهولة ونندم عقب عيد الفطر مباشرة. إن فهمك لكيفية الموازنة بين اختياراتك سيساعدك على البقاء على المسار الصحيح واختيار الكميات المناسبة بحيث تسمح لنفسك بالاستمتاع بهذا الموسم. إن من أفضل النصائح تبديل الأيام التي ستلتزم فيها بالوجبات الصحية وتلك الأيام التي سيسمح لك فيها بالخروج عن البرنامج والاستمتاع. من الهام تذكر نوعية ما تأكله ومعرفة ما الذي سيكون ذا تأثير كبير على أدائك في صالة الألعاب الرياضية وكذلك على نتائجك على المديين القصير والطويل. اصنع توازنًا بين اختياراتك وستنهي هذا الشهر بشعور ومظهر رائعين

ثالثًا: نل قسطًا كافيًا من النوم

حين يتعلق الأمر برمضان فإن النوم ذا أهمية بالغة ويمكن أن يؤثر مباشرة على نتائجك

إن ليلة رائعة تقضيها في فراشك تعني ثلاث خطوات نحو تحقيق أهدافك للياقة البدنية. خذ الأمر على محمل الجد وستنبهر بالتغيرات التي ستحدث لجسدك؛ ستحظى بطاقة أكبر وتتحكم في شهيتك المفتوحة للطعام وستنخفض مستويات الكورتيزول، فالنوم يرتبط كُليًا بالتحكم في الإجهاد، حيث تعد مستويات الكورتيزول المرتفعة بمثابة آفة المجتمع الحديث، فقد تسبب أمراض القلب والسكر وارتفاع ضغط الدم وهشاشة العظام، والقائمة لا تزال طويلة

كما يعد الكورتيزول مسؤول أيضًا عن دهون البطن؛ تلك الذي تبذل قصارى جهدك لحرقها. ولعل الطريقة المثلى لخفض مستويات الكورتيزول هي أن تحظى بنوم جيد ليلًا

أطفئ جميع الأنوار وانستغرام وسناب شات والهاتف النقال والتلفاز وامنح نفسك ساعتين أو ثلاث من النوم الإضافي ليلًا. خطط لنوم عميق من 7-8 ساعات. أعلم أن ذلك صعبًا ولكن صدقني ستتذكر هذه النصيحة طوال حياتك إذا منحت نفسك الفرصة للمحاولة

لكل هدف استراتيجية مختلفة ومن المُهم معرفة ما هي احتياجاتك. لدى فيتنس فرست فريق من المحترفين يمكنهم مساعدتك في رحلتك لتنظيم روتين التمرين المثالي وإدارة برنامجك الغذائي وفهم أهمية الحصول على فترة للتعافي

برونا دينيز
مديرة اللياقة البدنية
أب تاون مردف للسيدات

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Plan Smart Get Results during Ramadan

posted by FitnessFirst Team May 30, 2017 0 comments

If you`re thinking to have a Ramadan fat loss plan, killing yourself in long cardio sessions, training when you`re fasting, pushing your limits over 100% everyday, you are wrong.

The perfect formula for great results in sports, wellness and fitness should be designed in a perfect balance.

Ramadan is a perfect time to have a smart plan and get great results. We have selected 3 important keys to help you in your fitness journey during Ramadan 2017.

1st – Smart workout routine periodization

Your workout plan should be well prepared respecting your actual nutrition and based on what you wish to achieve. Ramadan is a time when we could name as a “recovery season”.  Imagine yourself being a high performance athlete and take your workout plan with a commitment of a professional elite player. During Ramadan you should not stop exercising, however we advise your training sessions to be on lower intensity and volume at this month.

Your body actually requires times to recover and to slow down, Ramadan is the perfect time you can manage to train in lower intensity and still get great results.

Note: MYZONE belt plays an important role to manage your workout session and help you to know limits.

2nd – Ramadan is time to socialize, but don` t go to far and avoid regrets.

The season of delicious, taste, heavy, full of fat and refined sugar traditional food. Surrounded from family and friends. We can easily get lost and regret right after Eid El Fitr. Understanding how to balance your choices will help you to keep on track and select the right portions you can allow yourself to enjoy this season. A great advise is to alternate the days you will stick with healthy meals and those days you can be allowed to cross the line to enjoy yourself. It`s important to remember the quality of what you eat and to know what will strongly affect your performance at the gym as well as your results in short and long term. Balance your choices and you will finish this season feeling and looking great.

3rd – Sleep well!!!

When it comes to Ramadan, sleep is very important and can have a direct affect on your results.

A great night in bed means 3 steps ahead to achieve your fitness goals. Take it serious and you will be wow impressed with changes that may occur to your body. Energy high up, control food cravings and reduce cortisol levels. Sleep is completely connected with stress control. High levels of cortisol is the poison of modern society.  It can cause heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and the list can go further.

Cortisol is also responsible for your belly fat, the one you’ve been working so hard to burn it. The best way to reduce cortisol levels is having a quality night sleep.

Switch off all lights, Instagram, Snapchat, mobile phone, TV and give yourself an extra 2 to 3 hours night sleep. Plan for 7-8 hours deep sleep. I know it’s hard but believe me! You will remember this advice for a life-time if you allow yourself to try!

Each goal comes with a different strategy and it`s important to understand what are your need are. Fitness First has a team of professionals that can help in your journey to organize the perfect workout routine, manage your nutrition and understand the importance of recovery.

Bruna Diniz
Fitness Manager
Uptown Mirdif Ladies 

Fitness & Training

To Train or Not to Train?

posted by FitnessFirst Team May 30, 2017 0 comments

That is the question – and there is no right or wrong answer! Every year as the Holy Month of Ramadan gets closer, there is always a debate as to whether it is healthy to train during this time – or even train while fasting. Other concerns such as eating too much or too little can also have an effect on peoples’ decision to train.

The answer is simple: it depends!

The reason why it depends is because it depends entirely on your body. It is important to know and understand your body’s limitations and knowing what your body can handle. If training is a regular part of your daily or weekly routine, then training during Ramadan shouldn’t be an issue – the limitation might then be to understand how intense your training should be. If training is fairly new to you, then taking this Holy Month off might be the better choice. Again, this comes down to understanding your limitations.

When to train during Ramadan?

Another question that is asked quite frequently is when to train. Because hydration is one of the most important things during exercise, it is recommended to train right after a light Iftar meal. However, if staying hydrated between Iftar and Suhoor is an easy task, then training while fasting might be alright for your body. Know your limitations!

If you do decide to train, here are some points to keep in mind when designing your training:

  • Try not to push your body too far; keep workouts short and at low intensity
  • If training is new to you, try some light cardiovascular exercises and mobility work to keep the body moving
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water between Iftar and Suhoor to keep the body fully hydrated
  • Try to keep high intensity workouts until after Iftar meals. This way you can give the body fuel for energy
  • Try not to eat too many fried or fatty foods so that it doesn’t counteract your hard work and fitness achievements thus far
  • If you start to feel dizzy or sick, stop training and lower the intensity. Remember, any movement is better than no movement at all

Whatever you decide – whether to train or not to train – make sure you understand your body and your body’s limitations. This is not the time to try new things, but to maintain your fitness. You know your body better than anyone else!

Andre Fox-Martins
Fitness Manager
Fitness First Platinum Plus l Town Center l Dubai

Health & Nutrition

Nutrition and Healthy Eating in Ramadan

posted by FitnessFirst Team May 21, 2017 0 comments

The person’s life style changes in Ramadan. He has a precious opportunity to follow a healthy diet that contributes to losing weight and adjusts the blood sugar level.

Ramadan is a great opportunity for overweight people to lose weight by eating moderately and exercising before or after Iftar.

The healthy and complete diet that contains different types of food must be adhered to, so that the fasting person can have all food components needed by the body. One of the most important things to be considered is to eat slowly with no rush.

What are the person’s nutritional needs every day?


They act as the body’s fuel, as they provide it with the energy it needs to carry out its functions normally. They also play a critical role in maintaining the blood sugar level.


Proteins are essential to build and renew the body’s cells and tissues. Eating sufficient amount of proteins in your all meals during Ramadan makes you feel full till next meal, so you do not eat an excessive amount of desserts.


They also are an important energy source and play an important role in the function of the body’s cells. Some of them (i.e. healthy fats) are useful for the health of the heart, skin and hair too. Avoid using saturated fats of butter and gee in Ramadan meals, as they raise the cholesterol level in blood and increase the risk of heart diseases.

Vitamins and Minerals:

They play an important role in maintaining the functions of the body’s cells naturally. They also strengthen the body’s immunity and give it liveliness. In addition, some of them play the role of antioxidants that protect the body from diseases.

Drink sufficient amount of water between Iftar and Suhoor to provide the body with fluids during day.

Avoid drinking fizzy drinks at Iftar and Suhoor, as they adversely affect the digestion process and fill stomach with sugar. Further, these kind of drinks lacks nutritional value and adds weight.

Iftar (breakfast)

It is advised to eat Iftar in two phases:

First, eat dates, and then drink a glass of water or milk. Start Iftar with a hot plate of soup and salad.

After a while ranging from half an hour to an hour, it is advised to eat the main meal. Moderation in eating food is undoubtedly the main factor of good health!

The balanced main dish at Iftar must contain types of good carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes brown rice, oats or bulgur and type of lean meat such as red meat, chicken, or fish, as well as vegetables.

  • Iftar only does not provide you with all your nutritional needs. It is preferred and advised to eat a snack before sleep, which consists of, for example, a glass of low fat milk, a sandwich made of brown bread, low fat cheese, and a handful amount of dried fruit and nuts.
  • If you want to drink coffee or tea, it is advised to drink an hour or two after eating Iftar.
  • The change in eating routine may lead to having constipation. To avoid it, it is advised to eat an ample amount of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes; drink sufficient amount of water; and do some form of light exercise right before iftar, after iftar or before suhoor.
  • Eating a piece of dessert immediately after Iftar causes increase in the stomach’s size, as it delays the digestion process. In addition, an imbalance occurs in the blood sugar level, leading to increase the desire to eat more dessert. It is preferred to eat it two or three hours after eating Iftar.


Suhoor is a main meal in Ramadan. It helps endure the fatigue of fasting.

One of the common mistakes in Ramadan is that many people tend not to eat Suhoor, thinking that it is not important and that eating Iftar and the following different food is enough to provide them with the sugar and energy they need for the next day, that is on one hand. On the other hand, some people eat this meal early before Suhoor time.

Suhoor is considered as an alternative to the breakfast you eat in the normal day. Therefore, it must contain the same main ingredients we find in breakfast, including bread, low fat dairy products such as milk, labneh, egg, vegetables, or rice with milk and dried fruits. As for fast food such as falafel, shawerma, or dishes rich in fats, they do not fit the requirements of Suhoor.

It is desirable to eat Suhoor as late as possible to reduce the period during which the body is deprived from food and drink. 

  • Avoid eating salted food such as canned food, processed food, salted nuts and pickles at Suhoor as they may heighten your feeling of thirst during fasting period.
  • You should drink an ample amount of water during the post-Iftar period, i.e. at least 2-3 liters of water. Drink little amounts of them intermittently to avoid any discomfort or distention.

Fitness First Team

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How and when to exercise in Ramadan

posted by FitnessFirst Team May 15, 2017 0 comments

Exercising should be continued during the holy month of Ramadan, as it is one of the healthy habits that are recommended to be followed for its many benefits that positively affect the human health.

However, the right time and kind of exercise should be chosen.


Why should you work out in Ramadan ?

If exercising is important to the body’s well being and health throughout the year, it is even more important in Ramadan than in any other month, due to many reasons including:

1. It helps people who follow an exercise program to easily resume it after Ramadan and does not give a chance to idleness to seep into their bodies.

2. During fast time, the muscular system gets energy by using the glucose in liver. If the physical exertion and required energy increase; and the amount of glucose in liver is inadequate to provide muscles with energy, the muscular system will use another source, which is the adipose tissue dissolution and fatty acid oxidation. If the fatty acids decrease, the muscular system will oxidize the fats in liver. Thus, fast and exercising are a good chance to burn the stored fats.

3. It improves the digestive system efficiency and protects from indigestion problems.

4. The weight lost during fast will definitely be gained after Iftar, especially if the fasting person overeats throughout Ramadan without exercising.

5. If the body suffers from deprivation and lacks energy resources, weight will be lost, but from the non-fatty tissues, which adversely affects health. However, in Ramadan, exercising and deprivation of food lead to weight loss from the adipose tissues, affecting health positively.

6. Not eating or drinking for long hours up to 15 hours, as well as staying up for long hours at night, cause body fatigue and stress. Therefore, exercising is a key factor in fasting to increase the body’s efficiency, fitness and health; add vitality to it; protect it from diseases; and eliminate idleness and laziness.

What time of the day should I exercise?

Preferable Times for Exercising in Ramadan and the benefits of each:

1. Two or three hours before Iftar to compensate the body for the missing fluids and minerals as soon as possible to avoid the health symptoms that may be caused for it as a result of exercising

2. Approximately two and half to three hours after Iftar, as during this period, food is efficiently digested to recover energy and recharge it to the vital organs of the body

The period of time allocated to an exercising class during fast does not exceed 60 minutes for a maximum of 5 days a week.

The physical activities that are preferred to be practiced in Ramadan are of low or medium intensity kind and do not require considerable exertion and high resistance that may exhaust the body.

Fitness First Team

Run goals
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Guide to Reach your Health and Wellness Goals

posted by FitnessFirst Team April 10, 2017 4 Comments
How many times did you say it to yourself..

“this is it, this time I’m really gonna do it!”?

For many times we keep saying to ourselves and to our friends and family that this is the time that we are actually going to achieve or start doing something for our health and fitness, start working out, gain this amount of muscle, drop this amount of fat, run every day in the morning, etc, etc, etc..

but in reality we only do it for a couple of weeks, if we actually even start it, and then it starts fading out.


I’m pretty sure that most of us have heard about goals and the importance to set them, but do we actually do it? We can easily say we want to run a marathon in 6 months, but what is the breakdown and the actions that will take us there? Where do I have to be in 3 months in order to achieve that? What about in a month? What about next week? What do I have to start doing tomorrow? There’re many ways to set your goals but the one that has been more effective for me over the past years is the SMART structure, that each letter represents a specific word that will help you set your goal. Let’s see below how it works:

On the acronym A some people use the Attainable, I preferably like to use Action plan instead, because it gives you the idea of what you need to do in order to achieve that. So now that we know what SMART goals are, let’s use the marathon example to see how it works:

It’s very common that you first select the time based and then you go to the realistic one, it can get confusing if you think that your goal is realistic but then the timeline that you put into it might not be enough, so I always recommend to get the deadline first and then realize if it is realistic or not. But this is just the beginning, this is the part where everybody can get but then the motivational side starts breaking down, “well, in reality it’s only in 6 months down the line, why do I have to start now? I can only start next week, actually I’m pretty busy with work at this point”, or even worse, “a Marathon is too much for me, what was I thinking?”

This is when you need an action plan and baby steps to get there..

fitness outdoors

You know you’ll be training 5 times a week, but where do you have to be in 1 month? Nothing better than breaking down your big goal into small goals that will help you, and for that you can always use a timeline draw, from a point “A” to “B”, starting from the future until today, let’s see below how it works.

Point A (Today) _________________________________________________Point B (Marathon)

Being “A” today and “B” the Marathon day in 6 months, you start on the Marathon point and go backwards to understand which steps you’ll need to get there. You can start by selecting where do you have to be half way there:


Point A (Today) ___________________________|_____________________Point B (Marathon)

3 Months – Run 21KM

By setting up this structure it will start giving you the idea what the steps are, so now its time to break that one into smaller ones:

Point A (Today) _1______2_______3__________4_________5______6____Point B (Marathon)

Now you have your big goal, in SMART goals, with an action plan and a breakdown of smaller goals that you can track your progress and keep you motivated throughout the process, as I mentioned before, if the goal is too big or too far away from today, it’ easy to get demotivated, but more important than that, you have to celebrate and reward yourself by the time you achieve those accomplishments, after all, they are great accomplishments that are taking you to the big picture. We apply the same in real life, we just don’t think about it, take babies as example, we know that eventually they will run, but we also know that before that they will walk, and before they will try to stand up, but never before they crawl, so we know the “baby steps” are there, and how much do they practice? Daily, we just don’t realize that but we’re always keen to celebrate, take pictures and videos and share with our families and friends. Do the same with your small baby steps for your wellness goals.


Regardless of what is your wellness goal at this point, either exercising, start eating healthier, having a more active lifestyle, always ensure you know exactly what you’re chasing, have an action plan for it and you know where you have to be in short period of time, if necessary print out a piece of paper or even write it down on a sticker, put it on your desk, on your fridge or even or your mobile phone wallpaper, but make sure you see it everyday.

Andre Fox-Martins
Fitness Manager

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Relationship Goals: 5 Ways of Sharing Fitness

posted by FitnessFirst Team February 17, 2017 1 Comment

We all know the fact that relationships are hard. Cohabitating, being patient and kind, and putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own aren’t always easy to do and can come with their share of stress.

Fitness has countless health benefits, but one thing you may not realize is its ability to bring you closer as a couple and make life together better.

Relationship Goals

My wife and I started our joint fitness journey after we started dating. We have fun running, training, sweating together, engaging in our mutual #fitfam community, and watching our bodies enjoy the rewards of hard work and commitment.

Here are a few rules and ways that sharing fitness with your partner can improve your relationship:

1. Join a Fitness First Club – you’ll surely spend more quality time together

You really need a place to train, the key is to join a gym that is convenient to where you live or work (so lucky that I work in Fitness First Platinum Club in Golden Mile and it’s near to my wife’s work too) so that you never have an excuse to miss any of your sessions and it has the all the amenities you need. For my wife and I, our favorite moments together are spent in sneakers, whether sweating it out at the gym or running on the road. Good thing that downstairs from Fitness First Platinum in Golden Mile there’s an awesome running track!

2. Get a training partner – you’ll be a happier partner

This is when you’re expecting that I will recommend you getting a personal trainer, for my wife she’s lucky she has me! If you’re not as lucky as my wife, then I would recommend that you partner up with a personal trainer, especially here in Fitness First we have highly qualified trainers, it would really be ideal if you have one alongside on achieving your fitness goals. Learn from the experts and do your due diligence.When you’re working out, the body triggers cells to release endorphins or happy hormones, the magic little hormones that block the transmission of pain signals and produce a euphoric feeling. That gives you that post-workout glow? You’re not imagining it. Right? Plus, people who stick to a fitness plan feel the pride that comes with accomplishing goals. This confidence can boost your relationship by contributing to of course a greater sense of mutual well-being, not just keeping you stronger but also keeping the relationship on fire.
train together

3. Join group classes – you’ll make like-minded friends and share a sense of community

Lots of couples, especially those who work in different careers, have two sets of friends that don’t have a ton in common. Yet couples who build fitness into their lives often find that they build a shared friend base, which can be really fun and rewarding. Try joining some group classes at Fitness First, hitting the same after-work boot camp, circuit classes, Body Pump, 6D or FIT 4:15 class a few days per week as a duo. For sure you’ll have fun!

4. Follow a clean diet- you’ll appreciate each other’s bodies more

A fit body is awesome, but there’s actually nothing more attractive than knowing your partner has dedicated themselves diligently to a fitness routine all week. It makes you feel proud of each other and reminds you of all the great attributes that made you fall in love in the first place. To ensure that you’ll benefit from all of your couple training, your diet needs to be on point, clean and balanced. You should also ensure that you consume enough water so that your body is hydrated especially during your workouts.

5. Get some rest – you’re chemistry will improve 

Be sure to get enough rest so that your body could recuperate from all the awesome training that you did during the week. Because if you don’t, it may result to not-so-enjoyable consequences, like diminished strength, irritability or what not. But you know what? There will be no doubt that the fruits of your labor will be evident. Not only will you both feel better about yourselves (which is half the battle) but your chemistry will surely be turned up a notch as your bodies continue to change. Plus, your shared increase in happy hormones or endorphins will help in keeping you happier as a couple!

Couples that SWEAT and TRAIN together, stay SWEET and FIT forever!

Red Bantilo, RN, CPT
Platinum Personal Trainer

For more health and fitness tips download our FREE fitness e-book with tips on how to reach your goals, nutrition and wellness advice, fitness and training information, tips on tracking progress and a weight-loss and lean muscle building FREE fitness program!

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حقق أهدافك باتباع خمس خطوات بسيطة

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حدد أهداف قابلة للتحقيق

أهداف شخصية تخصك وتتعلق بوضعك الحالي. فالكثير من الأشخاص يحاولون الركض قبل أن يتسنى لهم المشي، الأمر الذي يوهن من عزيمتهم اجعل لك رؤية وجدولاً زمنياً لتقسيم هدفك إلى أهداف يمكنك تحقيقها

ركز على أهدافك واسعى وراءها

على الرغم من أي مصاعب قد تواجهها، مثل الصفوف التي قد تفوتك أو الإصابة التي تتعرض إليها أو أوقات العمل المتأخرة، إلا أن انضباطك ورغبتك في تحقيق أهدافك سيحددان النتائج التي ستحققها، ولذلك فإن الإيمان بأهدافك مهم للغاية

راقب مستوى تطورك

لتتأكد من أنك تسير في الاتجاه الصحيح. أحصل على جهاز قياس معدل ضربات القلب ماي زون لمتابعة سعراتك الحرارية والاحتفاظ بمفكرة للتدريب لتسجيل التمارين التي تمارسها وقارن بين ما تسجله من نتائج حتى يتسنى لك الاطلاع على إنجازاتك. فإذا كنت تحصل على النقاط باتجاه تحقيق هدفك، فاعلم أنك تبلي بلاء حسناً، وإذا لم تحقق هذه النقاط، فعليك أن تعيد تقييم خطة تمرينك والتأكد من دقتها وصحتها

اعمل بجد

لا يمكنك تحقيق أي أمر ذي قيمة بسهولة، لذا اعمل بجد وابذل قصارى جهدك، وستحقق النتائج التي تتمناها. فحضورك للصفوف الصباحية قبل بدء يوم عملك أو الصفوف المسائية بعد انتهاء العمل سيصب في اتجاه تحقيق هدفك

كافئ نفسك وابدأ من جديد

كافئ نفسك عند إحراز أي تقدم، فهذه المكافآت ستكون بمثابة حافز لك وبوسعك عندئذٍ أن تحدد لنفسك أهدافاً أكبر، وبهذه الطريقة سيكون لديك دائماً هدفاً تسعى لتحقيقه وستحصل على التقدير الذي تستحقه عند تحقيق الهدف الذي تسعى إليه

نيكي هولاند
مدير لياقة

لمزيد من النصائح حول تحديد الأهداف قم بتحميل كتابنا الإلكتروني القابل للتنزيل مجاناً مع نصائح حول كيفية الوصول إلى أهدافك، والتغذية، وتقديم المشورة للعناية بالصحة واللياقة البدنية ومعلومات عن التدريب، ونصائح حول تتبع التقدم المحرز و برنامج تدريب مجانا حول فقدان الوزن و بناء العضلات

Reach your goals in 5 easy steps
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Reach Your Goals in 5 Easy Steps

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1) Set Achievable targets

Set targets that are personal to you and your current situation. Many people try to run before they can walk, which causes de-motivation. Have a vision and a timeline to break down what you want to achieve.

2) Be focused and stay on track

Despite any barriers you face, such as missing a session, picking up an injury, work finishing late. Your discipline and desire will determine your results, so mindset and belief is important.

3) Monitor progress

You need to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Get a MYZONE heart rate monitor to track your calories and keep a training diary with your workout and weigh ins to give you feedback. If you are making steps towards your goal, then great. If not then re-evaluate your training and make sure it is specific.

4) Work Hard

Nothing worth having comes easy so put the hard work and effort in. The results will come. Early morning sessions before you start the day or late evening sessions after work…they all count!

5) Reward and re-set

Be sure to give yourself credit and reward yourself when you make progress. This will motivate you and you can set greater goals. That way you always have something to aim for and you know you will get recognition when you achieve what you set out to do.

Nicky Holland
Fitness Manager

For more goal setting tips download our FREE fitness e-book with tips on how to reach your goals, nutrition and wellness advice, fitness and training information, tips on tracking progress and a weight-loss and lean muscle building FREE fitness program!

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نصائح للحفاظ على اللياقة البدنية خلال العُطلات

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 يُمارس الأشخاص الذين يُخططون لقضاء عُطلاتهم محلياً أو في وطنهم التمارين الرياضية بجِدّ لمظهر وصحّة جيدين من ثلاثة أو أربعة أو خمسة أو ستة أشهر أو حتى قبل عام كامل. ولكن خلال العُطلات، كيف يُمكننا الحفاظ على اللياقة خلال الموسم؟

:هنا بعض النصائح للحفاظ على اللياقة خلال العُطلات

تحديد الأهداف

من المُهمّ أن نُحدد أهدافنا قبل الذهاب في العُطلات. مثل كمية السُعرات الحرارية التي نتناولها، وما نستهلكه من طاقة، وخطة التمارين الرياضية التي سنُمارسها، أي اليوم والوقت، وصالة الألعاب الرياضية، والنزهات الخارجية، والمُعدات، وحدنا ،مع أفراد الأسرة، وما إلى ذلك. أعدّ قائمة بالأنشطة وضعها في مكان ظاهر تماماً، مثل على الثلاجة أو على المرآة التي تستخدمها دائماً. يُطلِق الكثيرون على هذه العملية أو يُسمّونها عكس الأهداف

كمية السُعرات الحرارية التي نحصُل عليها

دائماً ما تكون كمية السُعرات التي نتناولها خلال العطلات هي المُتّهم الأول في اكتساب الأشخاص الوزن خلال الموسم. اضبط كمية السعرات الحرارية التي تتناولها وفقاً للكمية المسموح بها يومياً. وأعد تنظيم كمية السُعرات الحرارية التي تتناولها إذا احتجت لذلك، لا سيما إذا كان هناك حفل ستذهب إليه في نهاية اليوم. قلل من السُعرات الحرارية التي تتناولها في الصباح وفي وجبة الغداء وفي الوجبات الخفيفة في مُنتصف اليوم إذا كنت تنوي أن تُطلِق لنفسك العنان في الحفل

(استهلاك الطاقة (السُعرات الحرارية

راقب استهلاكك من الطاقة. لدينا في فيتنس فيرست “جهاز ماي زون” ليُساعدك في حساب ما تحرقه من سُعرات حرارية في الوقت الحقيقي، إلى جانب نقاط المجهود التي يحسبها جهاز “ماي زون”، وقياس مُعدَّل ضربات القلب والوقت الإجمالي المُستغرَق في التمارين الرياضية. وسواء كنت تُمارس تمارينك الرياضية المُفضَّلة داخل النادي أو تُمارس أي أنشطة خارجية، يُمكن لجهاز “ماي زون” أن يُساعدك في رصد تلك الإحصاءات

خطط لليوم و وقت ممارسة التمارين الرياضية

مع وجود حفلات ستُقام، نحتاج لتخطيط الأنشطة التي سنُمارسها على مدار الموسم والالتزام بها. وعليك بإدارة أيام وتوقيتات ممارستك للأنشطة البدنية. وإذا كان الصباح هو الخيار الوحيد المُتاح أمامك لممارسة التمارين الرياضية لانشغال يومك، إذا عليك بممارستها في الصباح. ويجب أن نتأكد من أننا سنُمارس التمارين الرياضية التي خططنا لها مهما كلَّف الأمر ومهما كانت الظروف

المكان والمُعدّات

نعلم أين سنقضي عُطلاتنا. وإذا كُنت لا تنوي الذهاب خارج البلاد فأبواب نوادينا مفتوحة دائماً لنُحافِظ على نشاطنا. ولكن إذا قررنا أن نُسافر، يُهمنا كثيراً أن نعلم نوع الأنشطة التي يُمكننا مُمارستها في المكان المُعيَّن الذي سنُسافر إليه. هل هناك نادي لياقة محلّي في المنطقة، وإن لم يكن، فأي نوع من الأنشطة الخارجية يُمكننا مُمارستها وما المُعدات التي نحتاجها. نحن نحتاج لارتجال المُعدّات ونوع النشاط أو التمرين. لا تنس إحضار جهاز “ماي زون” معك. في الإمارات يكون الجو بارداً بالخارج وكذلك معظم البُلدان في نصف الكُرة الشمالي. انتهز هذه الفرصة لتحسين حالة قلبك الصحية واذهب للركض خارجاً. سيمنحك الطقس البارد بعضاً من السُعرات الحرارية الإضافية لتحرقها بينما تستمتع بالمشهد الجميل

 “HIIT” – التدريبات المتقطعة عالية الكثَّافة

استهلاك مزيد من الطاقة في وقت أقل

  يُحسِّن من “HIIT” هو نشاط إضافي يُمكننا إضافته لتماريننا الروتينية مرة أسبوعياً في جدولنا المُزدحم. وتُشير الدراسات إلى أن تدريب
من لياقتنا الهوائية واللاهوائية، ويُقلل من الدهون والوزن في منطقة البطن مع المحافظة على الكُتلة العضلية وصحة القلب والأوعية الدموية وفقاً للُكليّة الأمريكية للطب الرياضي. وقد تستغرق الجلسة الواحدة 16 دقيقة من ممارسة التمارين مع وقت إجمالي يبلغ 25 إلى 30 دقيقة شاملة فترات الإحماء، والتمارين، والراحة، والهدنة، والإطالة

التسوق والحفلات

دائماً ما يكون التسوق في العُطلات جزءاً من الموسم. ونوصي بصف السيارة في مكان بعيد عن مراكز التسوق لحرق مزيد من السُعرات الحرارية إلى جانب التنقُّل في أرجاء مركز التسوق. وفي الحفلات ادع مزيداً من أقاربك أو أصدقاءك بدلاً من فقط الانزواء في ركن واحد مع القليل منهم

المأكولات في الحفلات

لن يأكل الكثير من الأشخاص طوال اليوم ليأكلوا في الحفل. وجميعُنا نعلم أنه إذا وصلنا بأنفُسنا إلى مرحلة الجوع الشديد فعلى الأرجح سنأكُل بنهم أكبر، ما سينتهي بنا إلى تناول مزيد من السُعرات الحرارية. ويُستحسن أن نأكُل قبل الذهاب إلى الحفل لكبح شهيتنا. وإذا كنت تنوي أن تشرَب الكحوليات فعليك بتناول بعضاً من الطعام الغني بالبروتين، حيث تقول الأبحاث أن هذا من شأنه أن يُساعد في ضبط مستويات الكحول في الدم.



شُرب الماء لا يُساعد فقط على هضم الطعام بصورة سليمة، بل إنه يُساعد الجسم في أداء وظائفه بشكل صحيح. وشُرب الماء قبل الذهاب إلى الحفل هو أيضاً حيلة جيدة من شأنها أن تكبح شهيتك وتُساعدك في الالتزام بخُطة السُعرات الحرارية خاصّتك

بون بيكونسيلو
مُدير أوَّل اللياقة البدنية
فيتنس فيرست مُجمَّع السهول السكني، دُبيّ