Swaleh Balala – Motivation From Within

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Fitness First Blog - Testimonial

Fitness First Swim Instructor, Swaleh Balala, shares his fitness motivation by finding the superhero within.

“Motivation comes from all forms and angles, and sometimes a coach or a training partner does not mean much if you don’t have that self motivation.

I came up with this type of self motivation, its called ‘The Superhero Within’.

Throughout your life you always have these slumps and distractions that mess up with your training because you can never really give 100% if your mindset isn’t right.

Fitness First Blog - TestimonialTo overcome these kind of mental constraints, I decided that to segregate between my normal life and my training life I would have two different personas.

When I am living out my days I am faced with emotional and mental challenges but when I change out of my everyday clothes I leave behind all of that- I leave Balala in those clothes. Then I put on my training suit and this brings out the superhero (superman) within, it’s like I put on my superhero suit and no superhero rests until the day is saved. Surperheroes would always give 100% to make sure that the goal is met.

So for me by giving it all in my workout, that is me saving the day.”

Fitness First Blog - Testimonial

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