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Rome was not built in a day

posted by FitnessFirst Team February 11, 2017 0 comments

An inspiring story and testimonial by one of our head office employees who surprised his team by completing the 42 km Dubai Marathon 2017!

I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time in to it

Michael Phelps

First of all, I would like to thank God for putting me among such a group of amazing people where I receive endless motivation, inspiration and most importantly the push to go further at all times.

About a year and a half ago, when I used to reach Fitness First Burjuman club early morning by 6:00 am to learn swimming, it was the above quote I read at first before dipping in to the warm pool water and yes it’s 100 percent true because myself who never knew how to float in water now is capable of doing freestyle swimming in sea and that is my first achievement in fitness.

Also thanks to Lisa Hancox’s swimming classes at Fitness First Al Manzil which pushed me and gave me the passion to learn swimming. It was Mr. Syed Adnan who pushed me to attend the swimming classes and never thought that the push and motivation would make him come and support me at the 1 km swimming race held at Sheraton Beach Resort at Dubai Marina on 8th Oct 2016. It gives me immense pleasure and pride when management takes the time to come to us to appreciate our achievements.

To add Mr. Susheel Agal has never held himself back from urging and pushing his team to participate in fitness activities. Since he was very well aware about my back pain, he always advised me to go further in swimming.

I need to take this opportunity to thank all swimming Instructors in the Fitness First Swimming Academy, who have helped me and taught me how to swim especially Mr. Dinesh Rodrigo, Mr. Sunil, Mr. Nikko and Mr. AJ for taking me to Roy’s Beach to help me swim and gain confidence in the sea and is still being continued whenever we have time to go there.

I used to run for about 15 to 18 km a year ago and my last run was 18 km. But due to lower back pain, I had to mainly focus on swimming.

I registered for the Dubai Marathon on 24th December 2016 and planned my activities and set my targets to be achieved on a weekly basis. I had to balance work as well so I decided to make long runs on weekends and short runs during week days. Waking up at early morning at 5 am was not a big thing as I was already used to but I needed to make sure of going to bed early as well.

I targeted to hit 15 km in the first week, 25 km in the second week, 35 km in the 3rd week, indeed, I hit 12 km in the first week, 23 km in the second week and 29 km in the 3rd week and allowed time to rest and recover for the fourth week to be ready to run. I had to decrease my weight and increase consumption of more protein food as well.

It was a really good experience running the full Marathon as it tests your consistency and reaching your goal. It is all about your focused mind throughout. For me it was a meditation on my body posture and my pace and safety throughout until 36 to 39 km when my ankle muscles starting paining and I tended to slow down and even walk and also took little stretches. Having calculated this beforehand during my practice I had stocked some plasters to use if required and there were plenty of water stations at every 2 km which helped me from being dehydrated.

You can see many people sometimes even stopping around 10 to 15 km, but resumed and reached their goal with determination. It puts your determination to test.

I would suggest everyone should try this, for those who have no running experience should begin with 10 km. It is all about pushing yourself forward and going further. And it also involves giving up your tasty recipes, skipping planned movies with your friends, losing the comfort sleep in the early morning etc.. Of course I did not start with 10 km in the beginning. I started with 1.5 K in the beginning with Mr. Syed Adnan and later watching the half Marathons participation by Mr. Susheel Agal, Mr. Syed Adnan, Mr. Sandeep did motivate me to go for full Marathon.

It is the pushing yourself further that takes you to 42 km. Yes, as the saying goes “ Rome was not built in a day”, it takes time, effort and patience to reach this potential and a good and well planned practice and getting good advice from trainers will help you do it as well.

Watch the race footage


Binoy N.B.
Fitness First Middle East Head Office

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