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Raising the bar – our COO’s dream triathlon!

posted by FitnessFirst Team September 28, 2014 0 comments

Dubai International Triathlon (DIT) endorsed by the Dubai Sports Council, is set to be region’s first ever ‘Half-Iron Distance’ Triathlon featuring a 1.9km swim followed by 90km bike and then a 21.1km run.

Any guesses who is going to be a part of it? Our much adored leader, COO George Flooks has been undergoing an extensive training regime for the past few months to get ready for the big day. For those unaware, George is a complete family man with two kids, and his routine begins at 4am with a 100kms bike ride in the dark before a professional start to the day. Difficult as it may seem but George has always kept himself going with his ‘commit until you achieve’ philosophy and has forever abided by this regime and habit. A fitness enthusiast to the core, you will have seen him working out in and around the Fitness First club’s in Dubai and outside in the beautiful UAE XXXX where he was regularly combining XFit training, bike rides, running and freestyle training. But this ‘Half-Iron Distance’ challenge called for change; in training, diet and body weight too.

George’s participation in the DIT demanded losing 12kilos of body fat before the event, as advised by his Nutritionist for a lean and light body required for this type of sport. Beginning June 2014, just a month into training and with a focussed nutritional plan of no sugar intake, very low carbs and high protein; he shed 6Kilos of body fat and gained 1Kilo muscle mass. He has been torching 3000 calories at every workout and also clocked a few milestones in the build-up with 30,000 MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points) along with 17 Ironman workouts every month since January 2014.

He has remained inspired by his mantra, ‘Train hard, eat clean’ and followed a professional nutritional plan that recommended no sugar intake, low carbs and high protein meals for the initial six weeks. Thereafter a gentle introduction of clean carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice and oats are being continued as they are essential for the long endurance style training he is committed to. George also devotes a day off for recovery and whenever his body demands rest to recover from fatigue.

His current workout regime in preparation for the Half Iron Man event includes 2.5kms swimming thrice a week, cycling 250kms a week and running 30kms a week with a freestyle workout once a week. To date George has torched 10Kilos body fat since the beginning of this routine. “I have never felt better. My energy levels have shot up. I am lighter and leaner for workouts. I thoroughly enjoy the intensity of these workouts and it makes my mind feel sharper, more alert than earlier.” he admits. How does he do all this, spend time with his family and continue to drive Fitness First to flourishing levels of success? His sentiment is simple “Anyone can start training for a triathlon. It’s like all things, if you are training for something and put the hours in, you’ll succeed. There’s no better feeling than achieving your fitness goals and knowing that you’re fit and healthy and there’s no better example to your children than showing that being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, and will ensure you are more successful in the future”

At 49 years of age, George has set himself a benchmark participating in the world famous South African Cape Argus cycle race, the 94.7, the Spinneys 92K cycle race and Dubai Marathon 10Km Run. A fit body helps drive through challenges in life whether personal or professional. The Dubai International Triathlon will be his fifth challenge in his current sports-calendar in addition to the events mentioned above. There is more on cards personally for this go-getter as George will start training for the Olympic Distance Triathlon post DIT.

Nothing comes easy without dedication and commitment as George simply sums it up in 5 words, “Stop talking, just do it!”

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