Member of the Month – 360 Mall Kuwait, Safa Abdulwahab

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Member of the Month - Fitness First Middle East

The member of the month at 360 Mall Club in Kuwait, Ms. Safa Abdulwahab, shares her journey into the fitness world and how a close to death situation made her turn her life around.

“I’ve always been an overweight person, emotional eater and bullied. The moment I decided to take the first step to a healthy lifestyle was the night I stopped breathing while sleeping.

It was a huge wake up call. I was 25 years old then and I was 118 KG. I did my sleeve gastric surgery back in 2012, I lost most of my weight, plus I lost most of my body muscle, it left me with a skinny body and extra skin. I looked pale and I had depression.

My therapist advised me to workout and focus on my diet, and I really did.

Joining Fitness First changed my whole life. Having an amazing Personal Trainer like Rhea made me realize that workouts can be a very fun time too. I love the way Rhea encouraged me from the time I knew that the struggle is so real, she didn’t give up and I too didn’t give up because I know that in my journey to fitness I have someone to lean on.

Member of the Month - Fitness First Middle EastI gained weight which I know is a part of the process – muscle gain and lost body fat as well. Remember that the number on the scale doesn’t matter because I matter.

I love the way how my whole body is changing, I see how I changed size of my clothes. I embraced myself the way who I am and what I am in a more positive way and I will always be proud of my achievement.

And now, my husband joined Fitness First because we encourage each other to live a healthier lifestyle that soon will be passed on to our kids. Informed life choices about how life is beautiful when you are healthy and happy. More power to all.”

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