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Kid’s and Family fitness

posted by FitnessFirst Team November 24, 2014 2 Comments

At Fitness First, we believe everyone in your family should focus on being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. While we often stress the importance of physical fitness for adults, children are often overlooked. With an increase in cardiovascular concerns for younger people and even diabetes and obesity, it is critical that parents begin to encourage their children to get active from a young age.

A very easy option that you can implement is taking walks after dinner as a family. After you are done eating and the dishes are put away, take the family out for a walk. It doesn’t have to last for hours, just go around the block and enjoy the fresh air. You’ll find that just a few minutes each day can have some major health benefits for everyone.

You can set mini challenges and games for your children. Have them do 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups and 10 jumping jacks. Your encouragement to be physically active can help to inspire them and educate them on the importance of being active.

Go out and play sports together. You can head out to the tennis courts and hit a ball, go bowling, swimming or any other physical activity that gets you out of the home and gets your blood pumping. Decide on what exercise/sports your family loves the most and try to ensure you make time for them every week as a family.

Another thing you can do to make watching television more interactive for the family is to have commercial workout breaks. Each time the commercials come on, turn on a 3 – 5 minute song and have a dance out where everyone is active and moves around. Before you know it, you’ll have everyone’s metabolism supercharged and you won’t have to worry about people living a sedentary lifestyle.

Having a dog can even be helpful to increase activity levels. Take them through the neighbourhood after school and in the evening for a walk. Have the children play ball and chase the dog around. It will be good physical activity for both and you can help them learn about responsibility. Often, this is one of the best ways to keep young children physically active.

You can also take the entire family to your local FitnessFirst Community Club, located in Emirates Hills, Dubai. Our clubs have plenty of classes that are designed for both adults and children to help promote better health for everyone. You and your child can learn to play tennis through our tennis program, or they can learn to play soccer through our soccer club and find their passion on the field. We even have swimming programs available that will teach the entire family how to swim and to improve their overall health.

The physical fitness of your entire family should be important to you as your health is important to us at FitnessFirst. Take the time to help your family explore some of the exercises you can do together to help boost activity levels.

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Graham Forbes July 15, 2016 at 10:49 am

Well done for looking at how a family can develop fitness habits together. It’s great modelling for the kids and may set them up for great health habits for life.

FitnessFirst Team September 10, 2016 at 8:12 pm

Thanks for your comment. We do believe fitness is very important for the whole family!


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