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How to Stay Motivated

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If you are currently maintaining regular exercise in Dubai, then you probably know how easy it is for people to unfortunately give up and go back to previous less active lifestyles. To reduce the risk of quitting, you need to find ways to stay motivated to keep yourself on track and committed.

A great way to gain momentum is to stick with a pre-planned and regular program. You will find it very hard to reach your physical fitness goals if you don’t make this a part of your existing routine. This means you need to eat a healthy diet and be physically active at least three times a week, but ideally be active for at least 30 minutes each day. Physical activity and exercise go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some top tips to help you stay motivated:

Get an accountability Partner

If you live and exercise in Dubai, you need to find someone to be your accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who can challenge you to push to the edge and maintain your physical fitness goals. You can find ways to keep each other motivated and keep on the program to being physically fit and healthy. If you can, have several people be your accountability partners. Work through this as a group and keep the momentum going through your exercise routines. An accountability partner won’t allow you to miss a planned workout, skip reps or quit on your 3K run, you can support each other and keep your motivation high and on target.

Keep it Fun

Exercise should never be seen as a chore! There are great ways to keep it fun when exercise in Dubai. The days are gone when there’s a group of people standing before an aerobics instructor and droning out the same old moves you’ve done before for 365 days of the year. Now you have a many opportunities to practice physical fitness and to create a mixed and varied workout schedule. Some fun activities you might not yet have tried include; Swing Yoga (Swing Yoga allows more freedom of movement and a unique way to stretch and tone the body), Swimming, or TUFF (The revolutionary freestyle routine that changes the shape of one’s body through a three dimensional plane utilising 50% bodyweight and 50% barbell or weight exercises) .These are only a few, there are many more you can try.


If you exercise in Dubai, you will see a whole host of people who are physically fit. Pick out some famous celebrities who you admire and who look good and use them as your goal. Every time you see them, you will be reminded to keep on track with your planned workout routines and sticking to a nutritious diet. Take a photo of yourself now and put it on the refrigerator to remind you of what you were and how you are restructuring as you go through your physical activities and fitness journey. If you have a photo of you when you were more physically fit, place it beside the current one to offer a reminder and motivation to keep on the path to becoming healthier through physical fitness.

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