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How to increase your stamina

posted by FitnessFirst Team November 24, 2014 0 comments

At Fitness First, the first thing people turn to when trying to increase their stamina is often long distance running or cycling. However, there are other things that need to take place to make sure you achieve a significant boost to your stamina and endurance levels.

A good starting point is ensuring you get more cardiovascular exercise in your daily routine. You need to add cardio when you are lifting weights, and work on doing longer duration cardio exercise The more cardio in your regular routine, the more you’ll see your stamina increase.

Once you begin your cardio exercise, it’s recommended that you reduce the amount of recovery time between exercises. Yes, you need to take some breaks in between your sets, but if you want to boost your endurance, you need to reduce the long delays. Recovery breaks shouldn’t be more than 30 – 90 seconds at a time. Anything more than that is counterproductive.

Take things to the next level while working out at FitnessFirst. You want to improve your strength so you need to step up the pace and intensity of your workout. Go for an intense workout, ideally based on the principles of High Intensity Interval Training, that allows you to kick-start your metabolism and boost your muscle mass in the shortest period of time possible. Why not give a TUFF class a try? Or ask about our new gym floor based class, Freestyle Group Training.

Another important thing is to keep away from using the same routine every day. One of the worst mistakes people make is tonever alter their workouts. You will become bored and your body will get used to doing the same exercises each day and you’ll find the muscles begin to just go through the motions. Keep your muscles guessing and active by switching things up. Before you know it, you’ll see some results on the scale or you’ll look leaner and more toned in the mirror. More importantly, you’ll be able to go harder and longer, thanks to the improvement in your stamina.

Here at FitnessFirst, we also have some classes that can help you boost your stamina.To name a few:

  • RPM
  • TUFF
  • XFit

Don’t be afraid to redesign exercises to meet your needs. If you can do a jumping pull-up, do it. If you can find ways to incorporate two exercises together, make it happen. You might not realize it, but hybrid exercises are used by a number of fitness gurus and discovering some of the things you can do, will maximize your efforts to boost your stamina in the gym. It’s up to you to make it happen though.

The next time you are working out at FitnessFirst keep this important information in mind. Then work on challenging yourself to continue boosting your stamina, endurance and strength in the gym.

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