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How to eat healthy as a couple? 10 Tips from the Expert

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eat healthy as a couple

Eating healthy as a single is relatively easy. Less stress and less “problems” to look at, allows you to focus on the quality of the nutrients and on the amounts and portions in every meal. The struggle begins when you start a relationship and other problems get in the way and start reducing your capacity to focus on your diet.

How many people do you know that when they started dating or when they got married, noticed a weight increase? I believe the answer will be the majority. Lets see what actually happens and give you some tips on how to dribble the weight gain.

It all starts in dating, usually couples favorite ride is the movie theater, with right to popcorn, soda and chocolate. Dinners with pastas, pizzas, wine and other tasty foods, become the perfect tour. After they decide to get married and live together, preparations for marriage begin. It is such a rush, stress, concern for everything to work out, that this anxiety ends up being discounted in food, either in excess or in fasting, which is also a mistake. After this point they start living as a couple and all the habits and diet they were used to before changes completely.

According to some specialists men have a tendency to consume more food than they really need in the main meals and woman have a tendency to the consumption of foods high in calories like ice-creams and chocolates out of the main meals which will affect each other negatively.

That is the main cause of weight gain in couples when there is no control from both sides to avoid it. The man tends to store the fat in the belly and the women more in the thighs and butt. This excess of weight can impair confidence and self-esteem, as well as cause obesity-related physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, just to mention a few.

Knowing all this you should start prioritizing your other half to “build” a healthier diet as a couple and fight the bad habits that both of you brought to the relationship and that can cause problems for each other.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Get together and find out a list of foods that are healthy and that can suit both tastes
  • Make a shopping list for the week. This will help you keeping track of the diet and will control the excess
  • Go to the grocery store together but not when you’re hungry. Eating before shopping reduces the chance of buying unnecessary foods rich in calories and poor in nutrients
  • Try to get more natural foods without pesticides or chemical additives
  • Avoid buying packet snacks, stuffed biscuits and candy
  • Read product labels, see the nutritional value, product ingredients and expiration date. The less saturated fat, chemical additives, colorings, sugars and sodium, the healthier the product is
  • Avoid all the sodas and juices. Rich in sugars, they will not bring any health benefits to your diet and they will extremely increase the calories in your daily count
  • Avoid buying ready-to-eat foods, give preference to separate ingredients and prepare to cook at home, so you know exactly what you are consuming and also ensuring proper hygiene during food preparation
  • If you are both at home on the weekend and feel like eating something different, choose a healthy and practical option. For example: instead of ordering pizza or fast food, make a home-made pizza with low-calorie ingredients that you might have in your kitchen
  • Help each other preparing the “work meals”. Instead of eating in the cafeteria of the work place or the vending machine, make some healthy sandwiches in the morning or even the night before. There are so many possible combinations that I’m sure you can find several that can suit both tastes. Suggestions: eggs, white cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, turkey breast, lean turkey, shredded chicken, sliced meat, raw vegetables and nut butters.

Healthy Diet

Last but not least try to increase the number of calories burned. A daily walk in the park, practice of a sport that you both enjoy or a gym training together will make a huge difference in your calorie balance and bring you more energy and happiness, making the bond between you both stronger and healthier!

André Ferreira
Fitness Manager
Fitness First, The Lakes Dubai

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