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Fitness First Member Tetsimonial

My name is Dalal Hamad Bourisli and I’m 34 years of age!

I started my journey when I was 19 years old weighing 89kilos- #chubby I was! I remember I was teased for my weight but cared less because in my head I was fine. And if there is something out there for me to wear (keep in mind I never cared how it looked on me) then I was more then fine. Plus “there are larger people then me” is what I constantly told myself.

My story started when I was out with my cousin strolling in the mall. Picture this, I was an overweight girl who wore glasses with bad acne and braces. As I was standing in a chocolate shop I was body shamed in public! I ignored it and pretended I didn’t hear anything, took my chocolate box and brushed it off. You would think that this incident was the one that changed my life, but nope!

As days went by I was invited to a close school friends’ birthday party. After everyone had left, I stayed behind because the birthday girl and I were the biggest of the crowd (even though I thought I wasn’t overweight and only she was). Her and I  never ate in public or in front of anyone to avoid people’s judgments and looks. There are times when people feel like they can speak their minds very loudly- and this was one of them. Her mother walked in on us stuffing our faces and asked if we enjoyed the birthday party! Following this she asked us to stand up beside each other for comparison. It didn’t hit me until she said  “if you lose weight I’ll buy you a car.” And right there the ‘fat alert alarm’ rang in my head – this was my reality check. Girl, you’re big and you need to do something about it! You’re too young to look like you’re in you 30s .

That evening when I went home I remember writing in my diary a plan to lose weight, what to eat, and the kind of workouts I was going to do.

I started off running on a path behind my grandparents house. At first I thought I was going to die! Body aches which led to a high fever and vomiting at times when I would overdo it . But I was determined to lose that weight.

My first goal was to lose weight and that too as much as I could (keep in mind that I’m against surgeries of any kind). Within weeks I began running without chest pain or feeling like I was going to throw up. However, I still did not feel confident enough to go to the gym where all the girls seemed to be hot and skinny.

So I made another plan, cardio at 3pm, strength training at 5pm, finished with yoga which was introduced to me by a friend I used to meditate with. I went running for an hour every day at 3pm, then at 5pm used my own body weight for strength training. Within months my uncle and family started to notice the changes, and so I felt confident to go to a gym.

Since I was new to the area I didn’t know were to go so I asked my sister. Back then there was a salon that gave classes in their basement- these were like gyms that I could afford as a student. Then my dad gifted me my first treadmill and my uncle gifted me an elliptical trainer which I loved more then anything in the world at that time because it gave me the figure I always dreamed of! At least that’s what I thought.

Then one day my mother asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said a membership to the gym! Thanks to my mom’s support, she gifted me a yearly membership to any gym I was interested in. I have been to many different gyms, but I chose to join Fitness First for my growing passion for muscles.

I remember the first year I joined people came to me and asked me why was I there! They would say, “You’re super skinny you don’t need it!”

At that time this was true, I didn’t really need it; I weighed 47 kilos and had no figure at all. Then one day one of the Fitness First staff told me to try BodyPump since it helps to build muscle. But at the time I felt that muscles were ugly and masculine. But since she requested it, I attended BodyPump and loved it to the point I got a certificate as BodyPump instructor from Les Mills! I was introduced to muscles in my body I never knew I had!

This year my goal is to do the Spartan Race, get certified in Yoga Balance , RPM , Core-Active and many more!  This year is all about getting my foundation.

I still get a lot of people asking me why I come to the gym, and my simple answer is “It’s a lifestyle. I don’t come here to lose weight but because of how I feel after I workout. The happy feeling (endorphins) is what I’m addicted to!”

In addition to this, my body looks great and I feel regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory skills. Now my dream is to one day in the future, somewhere in the world, own my own gym with a healthy canteen with only organic food! Baby steps!

These are my keys for a successful fitness journey: Have the will power and determination, and push you self to see your limits!

Follow my journey on #lalafitnessdiary💋

Best of luck on your journey! – Dalal Bourisli Xoxo

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