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Benefits of swimming

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As children, most of us loved swimming at the local pool or in a lake or river. What most of us didn’t realize is there are actually many benefits to swimming. Some of the benefits of swimming are more obvious than others.

For those who suffer from arthritis or other health concerns, swimming is an ideal low impact exercise. This means you can do it without impacting your joints and that means experiencing less pain while still benefiting from a workout. Even when you jump in the water, the water prevents you from rising and falling with force, meaning that you don’t have as much impact when you hit the bottom of the pool. This is why many people turn to this workout approach.

Doctors recommend people of all ages participate in this form of exercise. Another benefit associated with this is the improvement in heart strength in men and women. Those who lived a sedentary lifestyle who began swimming training over 12 weeks saw an improvement in heart health by an impressive 18%. Oxygen rates improved by 10% and the overall risk of a cardiovascular event dropped significantly. That makes this a great choice for those who are concerned with their cardiovascular health.

As an added bonus, you can actually burn as many as 650 calories in an hour of swimming. That means you can have a blast swimming and not have to worry about any impact while still burning off the extra calories you have consumed during the course of the day.

Sports trainers will often recommend that athletes try swimming when they have suffered an injury on the field. This allows them to stay in shape without over straining the muscles. That way, fitness levels can be maintained without there being an additional strain to the body.

If you avoid swimming because you assume it won’t build mass, think again. Studies have shown that muscle mass improves in those who routinely swim over an eight week period by as much as 23.8%. This includes the arms, back and leg muscles. More importantly, swimming will help you tone your body and ensure you see a physical difference in your appearance in just a few weeks.

Fitness First is proud to offer the following classes to help you maximize your benefits while swimming:

  • Fitness First Swim Academy, offering swimming lessons for adults and children
  • Fitness First Swim Academy
  • Fitness Training Sessions
  • Aqua Joggers
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Aqua Circuit
  • Aqua Pilates

With all the benefits associated with swimming, you should find it is one of the most recommended exercise options you have. You may even find that if you struggle to stick with an exercise routine, this will be one you can keep up with thanks to the relaxing nature of being in the water.

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