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9 Tips to Stay Fit during the Holidays

posted by FitnessFirst Team December 15, 2016 0 comments
tips to stay fit for the holidays

As early as three, four five, six months or even almost the whole year people who are planning to spend their Holidays whether locally or in their homeland are working out hard to look good besides being healthy. But during the holiday how can we stay fit during the season?

Here are some tips to stay fit during the holiday:

1. Goal Setting

It is important to set our goal before going on holiday.  Like the caloric intake, energy expenditure, workout plan i.e. day, time, gym, outdoor, equipment, alone, with members of the family etc.  List down the activities and post it to highly visible place like refrigerator or on the mirror that you always use. Many says or call it “mirroring your goal”.


2. Carloric intake

During the holidays it is the caloric intake that is always big culprit why people gain during the season.  Manage the caloric intake as per recommended daily allowance. Reorganize your caloric intake if you need to, especially if there is a party that is going to happen at the end of the day. Take less if possible in the morning, lunch and the mid snacks if you are planning to indulge in the party.



3. Energy (Caloric) expenditure

Monitor the energy expenditure. In Fitness First we have the MyZone to help you track calories you are burning in real in real time, besides the myzone effort points (MEPS), average heart rate and the total time of the workout. Whether you are doing your favorite workout inside the club or any outdoor activities MZ can help you monitor.



4. Plan day and time of the workout

With parties that is happening, we need to plan our activities throughout the season and stick to it.  Manage the day and time of your physical activities.  If morning time is the only option for you to workout as you have a busy day ahead then do.  We have to see to it that the planed workout has to happen whatever condition it will take.


5. Place and equipment

We know on where we are spend our holidays. If you are not going out of UAE, our health clubs are always here to keep us active. But if we are going to travel, it is vital for us to know what kind of activities we can do in the particular place we are going.  Is there a local fitness club in the area, if not what kind of outdoor activities we can do and the equipment needed.  We need to improvise the equipment and kind of activity or workout. Don’t forget to bring your MyZone with you.  In UAE its cold outside and most of the countries in the northern hemisphere.  Take this chance to enhance more of your cardio and go for a run outside.  Cold temperature will give you some extra calorie burn while enjoying the scenery.


High Intensity Interval Training – More energy expenditures in less time

HIIT is and additional activity that we can add on in our routine once a week in our busy schedule.  Studies shows that HIIT improves our aerobic and anaerobic fitness, reduce abdominal fat and weight while maintaining muscle mass, cardiovascular health to new a few (ACSM).  A session may only involve 16 minutes of total work time with a total time of 25 to 30 mins including warm up, workout and rest period, cool-down and stretching.


Shopping and parties

Holiday shopping is always a part of the season.  Would recommend to park in a farther area of the shopping centers for an additional caloric burn besides moving around inside the shopping mall.  In parties engage more to as many relatives or friends you have instead of just sitting in one corner with a few


Food in parties

A lot of people will not eat the whole day saving for the food in the party.  We all know that if we starve ourselves the more likely that we will binge more, ending up having more calories intake. It is being encourage that to eat before going to the party to curb your appetite. If you plan to drink have some protein-rich food, as research says it will help control blood alcohol levels.




Drinking water not just help out proper digestion but will help out the body function properly. Also drinking plenty of water before going to the party, is a good a trick not to binge out and help sticking in your caloric intake plan. To those who plan to drink alcohol, drinking water will help to prevent people to get a hangover.

Bon Peconcillo
Senior Fitness Manager
Fitness First – The Meadows Dubai


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