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3 Dietary Ways To Balance Hormones Naturally

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4 Dietary Ways To Balance Hormones Naturally

Hormone Imbalance and Nutrition

There is a great correlation between healthy balanced eating and hormones within the body. Whatever you’re eating is either helping the production of hormones or hindering it.

Who doesn’t want a healthy reproductive system, healthy immune system, balanced hormones and glowing skin? The consumption of nutrient dense foods will open your hormonal production pathway.

The body doesn’t produce all the hormones needed correctly or sufficiently for the body on its own, therefore it create hormone imbalance especially in women which leads to a lot of complications.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Some of the most common symptoms of hormone imbalance include:

  • Chronic Fatigue: are you always tired?
  • Acne: cookie faced?
  • Mood Swings: yoyo moods?
  • Diminished Libido: no mojo?
  • Weight Gain: big boned?
  • Memory Loss: who are I?

3 Dietary points to balancing hormones:

1.Clean Lean Protein (not fried) with every meal

Typical Others
Beef Quinoa
Fish Lentils
Poultry: Chicken or Turkey and Eggs Spinach

protein-meal2. Healthy fats (portion control)

Typical Others
Olive Oil Avocado: helps absorb and use nutrients
Nuts and Seeds Coconut Oil: contains lauric acid, helps with hormonal production and helps combat bacteria and viruses in the body
Egg Yolk: contains choline and iodine, important for making healthy thyroid hormones Raw Butter or Ghee

nuts-almonds3. Antioxidant rich veggies (don’t over boil)

Classification Examples
Dark green veggies Broccoli, spinach, cucumber and kale
Brightly colored veggies Bell peppers, tomatoes
Starchy veggies Sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, parsnips


Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal and be in balance, when given the nutrients they need to flourish. Your body is your temple therefore always strive to make it habitable.

Olufemi Olugbemi
Fitness Manager
Fitness First Abu-Dhabi Mall

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